Remote control over internet

How can I access my music located on my running server at home ?


Unfortunately, we don’t have this functionality yet.

It may be possible if you have a very fast internet connection, but I’m not sure the streaming would work.

I’ve moved this over to feature requests, and we will take it into consideration. I too would like this feature :smile:

Of course it would work over internet… J.River has done this for years. Currently I’m streaming HD Video and any bitrate audio ( inkl 192 kHz/24bit). I have a 70 Mbit upload and download speed.

Why I’m not just user J.River ? Because they have failed in supporting TIDAL, and that’s a shame and of course as a demanding customer I’m looking into other ways to enhance my music experience.

Roon seems to offer both local ripped music and TIDAL music, and that is a force, but if I cannot stream this to my work PC, roon has nothing more to offer.

Can you at least describe wich ports you are using and I could try som VPN solutions, of even better roon’s traffic should be firewall friendly.

J.River is using HTTP and that works perfectly in a FW environment…

Oh, I’m more worried about the rest of the world, not for those that have 70mbps symmetric connections. I have 300mbps here in NYC, but my upload is capped to 30mbps. It was 5mbps up just a year ago.

We should absolutely do this, but we gotta figure out the experience for those that don’t have great connections. We used to do this with Sooloos back in 2008 (including streaming), and our #1 complaint was due to bad networks.

The rest of the world would certainly understand that streaming lossless audio does require some minimum amount of bandwidth. If you have to slow connection, they would of cource understand that it’s not possible to do.

So please open up the connection, most people in scandinavia has plenty of bandwidth.

I’m located in Norway, BTW …

Wich ports need to be open to connect the remote control ?

The ports are dynamic, and change often. Our discovery protocol allows for this. This way we won’t conflict with anyone else.

We need to add this support… I very much doubt that without a VPN like solution (which would allow your Roon Core and Roon Remote to be on the same “lan”), you could get something to work via just opening ports.

If you do get it working with OpenVPN or something, do let us know.

Ok, then I would wait for a possible solution to this, and will terminate and uninstall after the tryout period ends.

Sad, as the software looks promising, but too limited.

I wanted to share that I was able to connect with my client to the core remotely using the VPN connection included in the OSX Server.
The only problem I noticed is about high resolution tracks. When I try to play tracks with resolution of 96KHz the client stops playing after few seconds. I have not observed any issues playing tracks with resolution lower than 96KHz.
Also it looks like that for the Remote to discover the Core library I need to restart the core application with the Client open. I have not observed this behavior when my Client Remote is in the same network of the Core without VPN.

@jato1569: I’d like to see your logs to make sure it’s a network issue and not something else. pumping well timed 96khz over that VPN might not work so great. @mike can help gather that.

There is no technical troubled reasons not to stream even 96 kHz over the internet. I’m currently streaming 24bit/96kHz FLAC from my server at home to my work-pc over port 80 … No Firewall issues. Works perfectly. Running J.River … I know you folks don’t like to be compared with J.River … but it’s there … but missing the Tidal integration. Here can you Roon guys make a difference. J.River failed to integrate with Tidal, please find a solution to have remote control over the internet in a FW friendly way …

@bwa – since you and others have been bringing it up, it’s back on the roadmap.


Really great, looks like you hava a new paying user… I trust in your efforts and will buy a license after the trial ends, your work is so promising that I’m convinced … !!!

@jato1569 – can you try 96khz and above on the build coming out today on your openvpn thing?

UPDATE: build coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

I was finally able to test the new build 16 and I can confirm that I can now stream up to 192KHz 24bit over my VPN connection.
Thank you I am really happy now

I am a bit surprised that it works, but nothing @bwa said was incorrect, so I guess I shouldn’t be. Great home and work internet!

That said, the right way to do this is without VPN, and through a NAT hole puncher or something.

I’m using nginx to do a lot of magic … Mybe a way to look ?

VPN is working quite nicely interface-wise, but since I’m tied to ADSL my upload is capped at ~3Mbps, so streaming lossless is out of the question (I tried ;-)).

I’d love some form of remote access / Roon-on-the-Go, but it would be great if some (optional) downsampling could be involved, beit dynamic or cached. The old Sooloos way (MP3 192) worked wonders for me, even over 4G. Hardly audiophile, but music everywhere.

Just imagine a lightweight Roon remote running on your iPhone, playing happily to a local RoonSpeakers instance – in the car, on the plane, in the office, walking, running - everywhere.

A man can dream…

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VPN works for browsing for me but my local playback devices are never available over VPN. They are available when on my LAN.