Remote controller

does anyone have any experience how to create some “remote” controller with touch display so i can control roon easily (running on something as rpi etc…)


Yes, a Raspberry Pi with a 7 inch touch screen running RoPieeeXL.

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looks nice, is there any chance to see photos/vid how it looks like on display while running it as a controller? thanks

Actually, now that I posted that, I’m not sure what control features you have with that. I don’t have a screen on my RPi’s. Hopefully, someone who knows will post soon. I use an iPad Mini 4 when not using my laptop.

yeah, but i am wondering how the UX on rpi on that touchdisplay will look like … I just dont wanna use ipad as u still need to unlock, open app etc… i wanted to have something running nonstop and easily control roon directly.


You can see the current look here:

Things may change soon (no pictures available so far):

If you want/need the complete Roon experience, you have to use the Roon client software in some way. There are ways to configure tablets/phones in kiosk-mode as dedicated Roon control (others, who use their tablets/phones in such ways, might provide information how to setup if needed). You can also use a AiO, laptop or PC + Touch Screen combination with auto login.

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I’m using a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet. With the Roon Remote app. It was only $65 a few months ago.
It was the 16GB version without ads. It has an 8" display.

Just added some screenshots for the current state of 2.0.0 alpha. The UI is largely complete, but there may be some tweaks before release.

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well i saw three is 10" also … is there some nice stand for it? and also can u somehow set it to do not lock … and keep open roon app 24/7 on its display?