Replace External HDD with SSD?

Yes I have an ssd for the roon files. I’m talking about music.

Not necessarily true. A 2.5” hard drive should fit. Not sure why you’d want one… but at any rate… it’ll fit.

The NUCs won’t take 3.5” hard drives is what you meant.

I’m using an internal SSD in the NUC for Roon. Music lives on the external HDD, looks like for the duration!

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Doesn’t matter in the context of this post or in my reply… The OP’s NUC takes an M .2 for Roon’s database and he specified that he was thinking of using an internal SSD.

This has generated a lot of debate!! All I wanted to know was whether an internal or external SSD (2.5" if internal) could help my music library be faster. I’m using a NUC with a Transcend 128GB Nvme PCIe Gen3 X4 MTE110S M.2 SSD Solid State Drive for the Roon stuff, and an external WD 4 tb HDD connected to the NUC to store the music. From what others have said, there are no real performance gains to be had by switching from the HDD (until it fails, of course).

Thanks all who weighed in!

There seems to be no simple questions (or answers). The retentiveness in this forum makes me laugh sometimes. :laughing:

LOLZ! Tue story!

I think the only reason I would go for the external SSD is if I felt like I needed a backup or another backup for my music. Copy your music files to the new SSD for use with Roon and store the HDD somewhere safe as a backup.

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