Request for a simplified, alternate, user interface

Semi agree, once configuration options are set up they don’t need to be monkeyed with and probably should only be accessed by a password.

Agree to a point. At least, Roon doesn’t ask if you really want to do something, with the exception being deleting music. Playing anything is accomplished by one click and really that’s what one does the most. As far as finding music, doesn’t ‘Genre’, ‘Discover’, or ‘Focus’ take away most of the clicking.

This and probably a lot of other complaints could be taken care of if Roon had a truer and more powerful concept of what a User Profile should be.

Additional tailoring of a user experience can be accomplished by Bookmarks.

OTOH, maybe your wife simply needs some patient man-splaining. :smirk:

It’s difficult to replace the physical satisfaction and associated rituals of using these devices.

That is a great experiment. Though I don’t want to go there, as I’m doing everything in my power to get them to use - and be comfortable with - Roon. Getting them to use the Tidal app (or Qobuz) and then switching them to Roon later will cause more pain than I’m willing to go through. But if I did, it could prove - or disprove - my assertion.

But me - and the people around me - are a case of one, as it were. And I’m certain decisions for Roon’s future will not be decided by that small sample. LOL. Which is why I posted.

Instead, let’s see if there is any substantial agreement from the community. If there’s not, then it’s a request that you guys can comfortably ignore. :slight_smile:

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Guys the point here is that the overall interface has a very old style look & feel and people who are using it are not so young anymore so they don’t care basically even if it looks like a Win95 app

Hmm… not sure it is, but then maybe I’m not so young… but I think I prefer it to ‘modern’ interfaces where half the time I can’t work out how to do something because the useful functionality is hidden behind shadows and gradients…

This. I’ve said it before in a different thread, that Roon’s competition for my spouse is against Alexa and voice integration. All he has to say is “Alexa, play the 80’s” in the kitchen and done. If it is any more complicated than that its a lost cause.

I’d love to have an option where you can just say “Roon, Radio 80’s”, or “Roon, Radio Progressive Rock”, or “Roon, Radio Peter Gabriel”, and Roon will use the term after Radio as the Radio Seed and just go.


I fear that you are right. I want to fight tooth and nail against the introduction of voice recognition devices into our house, but I suspect I will lose that battle in a year or two.

Never give up the fight! :grinning:

With any luck Alexa will not recognize my accent, Cheshire with an overlay of South African twang :mask:


Funny thing is that the main attraction to Roon for me was an easier to navigate interface with better ways to access streaming content. I like the possibilities of streaming but the interfaces of Spotify, Tidal, Qobuzz etc etc are all quite horrible imho. They are catching up lately but still not anywhere near what it could be. None of them are very suitable for building up your own music collection. Roon ain’t exactly perfect either but at least I’m not constantly lost in the interface like in Spotify.


You’d be surprised. It has no trouble in “Canadian” English with my wife’s Brasilian accent, and no trouble understanding eight-year-olds in Brasil who have learned a few phrases in English. My Dots even understand my 90-year-old father-in-law’s attempts at English, a language he doesn’t speak. Even better, when set to Portuguese they understand my accent.

In general, I agree with this, and not just on behalf of my wife! I run Roon with two Naim streamers, and I quite often just use the Naim app if I want to simply search for an album and play it. I also prefer the way it allows you to control your play queue.
The multitude of other things that Roon can do (often when you didn’t ask it to, but it does them anyway) I would prefer to see as options in a dropdown list that you could choose if the mood takes you.

I Just have to chime in to say that they do an extremely awesome job with ui so far.
They do know what they do and it shows…
I’m afraid to say, none of this request will make any sense to the ui team. If you have an issue regarding some of the ui aspect. it would be better to be more specific about the issue you’re having. instead of proposing solutions for unknown problems.

In what way do you prefer its play queue control to what Roons can do? I have not found anything yet I cant control the same as other applications in this regard, but I might be missng something fundamental that I never use.

Good point. I think the original issue was that the interface is too complicated for non-audiophile users who just want to play some familiar music. Perhaps a useful analogy would be with the ATM at my bank. The first screen offers me the ability to do the two things I do most, and a third button to push to get a more complicated interface which lets me do a broader range of banking. Something like that wouldn’t be a terrible add to Roon, especially if display of the “simplified” screen was optional. Two might be too few; perhaps an array of 9 or 12 buttons, with “full interface” taking up one of them.

Make roon more simple, I would like. They should try to make it more user friendly for a greater group.

Actually, I’ve got another idea.

Add a Web server component to the Core, like every other darn thing has these days. It would export a very simple page, which would be divided into N equal rectangles, N to be determined by a slider in “Settings”. Those squares would each be a button, labelled with one of the N most commonly used settings. Someone who wanted simplicity would just visit the Web server’s URL (https://<your Core IP>:<some port>/) and press one of the buttons. Or invoke the button’s URL directly via some other gadget or gizmo.

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I guess this already exists, to export the API.

There’s an extension that produces a rudimentary web page, I’ve not tried it

I don’t think this can be done with an extension – Roon doesn’t provide enough of an API.