Request: Improve app connect time and portrait mode (iOS)

While the iOS app is really nice and also, to great lengths, similar to other controllers i’d like to know if there are any plans to improve these specific “feature’s”.

The connect time from background mode is around 3-5 seconds. And it’s quite annoying that it’s responsive enough to let you activate some parts, but then blacks out and resets … Yes, i know this is hardly a problem but nevertheless it’s still a “less than perfect” scenario.
We are getting ever more used to instantaneous response times from other media players/controllers like BluOS app, JRemote etc

Portrait mode for iPad (other than 12.x" Pro)
Same situation as the previous “issue”, browsing the web, Reading mail etc. I use my iPad 90% of the time in portrait mode. Every time i want to make a different music selection i have to twist the iPad 90 degrees.

Perhaps there are remedies (or planned) for these issues already?

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