Request : OS from Roon / Packaged OS from Roon

Folks I m not tech savvy and definitely not software savvy.

My request is, if not too difficult can Team Roon create its own OS, call it RoonOS or whatever cool name you figure, an image file that can be downloaded into NUC like platform.

If this is too much to ask for as Team Roon is focusing on Music first … then

Can there be a wrapper built around OS packets that needs to be installed ? like a wrapper once installed and Run it automatically downloads Ubuntu/ Linux/OS for Pi products or any light s/w and also does necessary settings ?

If all above ask is simply crap then I have created this topic for fun :relaxed:. I can understand.

One more thing, I have read detailed set up guide created in this forum for Pi products, those steps can get into a one single/two wrapper as is so people like me can use it with minor fuss ?

Hi Jnan,

Installing Raspbian and Roon Bridge on a Pi is really simple, thanks to Rene’s excellent Installation Guide. Many users unfamiliar with Linux have commented how easy they found it to follow the steps.

There has been some discussion about an image for the Pi in the past, but I think the ease of installation of Roon Bridge has made that less of an issue.