RIP Wayne Shorter

On that note I was thinking about doing a Grammy award equivalence thread. something along the lines of if Beyonce has 11 Grammy awards then Bob Dylan must have, what, like 800 Grammys and Don Pullen must have at least 50 Grammys. Unfortunately the world just isn’t fair.


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The final one of my Wayne Shorter Blue Note LPs. Recorded in August and September 1969, the sound is heavily influenced by Miles Davis’ electric experiments and Wayne would bring this electric sound to his new group Weather Report. By the way, the liner notes state that Chick Corea plays drums and vibes?!?! Who knew?

Note the price sticker in the upper right hand corner: $3.99!! Now one has to pay $30 and up for new vinyl, with most new vinyl being made from a digital master. This $3.99 record is 100% pure analog, however it is not the best pressing and has some surface noise.