ROCK and Ubuntu questions

So I’m looking at buying a NUC and installing either Rock or Ubuntu with Room?

A few questions.

I wish to install a drive to store my music, will rock allow me to create a network share, so I can upload files? Or do I need to use Ubuntu?

Can I get to command line inRock, as I need to install openvpn server?

Which operating system will run better? I will obviously install a m2 SSD for operating system

Many thanks

ROCK: Getting Started

From Roon OS Data Directory:
Roon OS automatically exposes a shared network folder (SMB share) called /Data .

From Roon Optimized Core Kit:
It can not run additional software, nor does it support any customizations or modifications to the operating system

ROCK and Ubuntu are both Linux AFAIK.

I assume SMB/data, wouldn’t have my music on it?

At least on my browser, parts of my answer above are depicted in blue color because they are clickable links that will lead to relevant parts of the official documentation to ROCK.

@David_Melvin1 ROCK is loaded on the M2 card with Roon. The music folder (on a separate drive) is exposed on the SMB share called Storage that is created when you identify it during setup. The music is kept on a separate device because of the way ROCK auto updates itself you don’t want them sharing a drive.

I’m running Roon Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. It’s very efficient. You have access to the command line but I was responsible for setting up the mounting of the music drive & a way to transfer files like Samba. If you’re comfortable setting up a Linux server, it’s not too hard because there’s a good setup guide for doing it in the Roon documentation.

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Thanks, will look at The Ubuntu route… Just need to get a NUC… and I know that’s a whole other subject… was looking at an I5 with 128gb SSD and 2tb 2.5 drive…

@David_Melvin1 One factor for a NUC purchase is the watts it consumes if you have any desire to make it fanless & quiet. The lower 15 watt models have passively cooled cases you can purchase. The hotter running 28 watt models usually need a fan.

The other considerations are how big is your library and will you be doing any DSP related functions that will chew up CPU. both will likely require consideration of a better faster more cores cpu. 128GB will be ample for both OS in stalls and the Roon Database. 8Gb memory is usually OK too but 16 if your library is large…

Thanks for helping a newbie !!!

Can’t believe how good Roon is… It’s like having your own personal DJ, which knows your musical taste, perfectly.

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