ROCK CD ripping identification of second cds

That’s for existing files. Your making new files from Roon it should add metadata. It’s short sighted that you would only use Roon to play them back.

@Geoff_Coupe mentioned above that if you wish to add the metadata to the file, you can simply export the library and that’ll add that metadata. If that’s the case then it doesn’t seem you’d be completely locked into Roon.
I wonder if Roon might implement a procedure that, once the metadata accuracy is confirmed, the files can be updated to hold the metadata (rather than it only being on Roon). In the process, the file names/folders within the library could also be updated. Seems like a sensible compromise to me.
For what it’s worth, for me the ripping process has been super-simple (which works for me). Only a few scratched or copied CDs have not worked but they do warn of that in the documentation. Curiously, one absolutely perfect CD simply won’t rip - not sure why but it’s a bit frustrating as it’s part of an 8-CD set of symphonies which I’d quite like merged together… Grr.

I know, but I guess ripping CDs’s was a later addition to Roon and maybe considered outside of the roon core, so the cds are ripped, we now have existing files, then these existing files are added to roon.