ROCK failed to access Synology share when firewall enabled

I’ve my ROCK setup to backup regularly to a Synology NAS folder share and it works for long.
Recently I enabled firewall on the NAS (with windows and linux share enabled) and iPad control shows it fail to access the folder share. I tried disable the firewall and it resume normal.

Any idea what rule i should setup in firewall in order to allow the access ?

These would be a good place to start:

brianBrian LuczkiewiczRoon Labs: CTO

May '15

Reiterating it here in case anyone else has similar needs in the future:

Starting in the next build, you’ll want to forward:

  • UDP port 9003
  • TCP ports 9100-9200

If these don’t work, @crieke is all-knowing in matters QNAP/Synology

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These doesn’t work, I read that link and they seems talking about access Roon control to Roon core, where my problem is Roon core fail to access Synology NAS shared folder.

Just re-add the share path with IP address fix it.

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