ROCK Hardware Primer

Nice documentation.
The download link in the documentation appears to be broken though…


What, what, what, what…I N E E D T O K N O W !

I currently have a NUC running Win 10 for Roon.

It has a samsung SDD 120GB and a 2TB HD.

Is it likely this will be turnkey ROCK compliant?



As far as I know 5th generation and 6th generation NUCs, Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 are supported. Which generation is yours?
You will find more info here:

This is a 5th gen NUC so it should be fully supported. In fact I think @danny has been using one of these for ROCK development.

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Let me guess…

  1. Also runs on generic mini ITX, HP G2 or G3 minis, Dell, Asus, etc.
  2. Will support new 5 series Ryzen
  3. Will support dual ethernet ports without the need for USB ethernet
  4. Will support NUC 7 from the start
  5. ???..
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1 and 3 would be awesome :blush:

There is no such standardized thing… they have massive variety with so many details. However, chances are things will just work. We just don’t want the support burden of having so much hardware variation.

Is anything needed for this? AMD64 is x64.

if you have 2 ports that are supported by the drivers, this just works. The NUCs do not have 2 ports.

Anyone got their hands on one to help me out? beta beta… :slight_smile:



Maybe the surprise will be a fully configured NUC with roon already loaded…probably sold via AMP’s store

And maybe an upgrade of HQ Player available instead of the roon dsp engine

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I think only the 7i3’s are shipping at the moment (at least in my geography).
Happy to offer up my skull canyon 6i7 for testing on the off chance that helps.

First I’ve heard of it… :slight_smile:

My (not so wild) guess:
…or maybe the surprise will be a fully (ROCK) configured sonicTransporter from Small Green Computer :wink:

I’ll be surprised if Roon becomes a hardware company.

Hi Danny @danny

What will be the differences with the sonicTransporter i5? Those are already really well priced and they ship worldwide and are completely headless already, operated from a web GUI. And fanless and really well priced.

Is the purpose of the ROCK to provide more options and more competition (these are both good by the way, no complaints for more competition) or are there are actually some extra features not offered elsewhere?

Cheers !

They are totally different.

ROCK is a do-it-yourself operating system for running Roon.

sonicTransporter is turn key hardware for doing many things, including Roon.

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Nice. More options is always good for consumers ! (and helps drive innovation and improvement)

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Currently I have my music stored on a NAS, I’m thinking of moving it to the HD on the NUC. If I do this and later move from Win 10 to ROCK will I have to transfer the music again?

Will ROCK see and read this drive?



Per @danny’s prior comments ROCK should be able to read most common drive formats although I’m not 100% sure on support for exFAT (which I believe still has limited support in Linux). FAT32 or NTFS should be fine, though.

I built my Linux cores from scratch and didn’t move over an existing music drive so I ended up formatting mine with the linux ext4 filesystem.

On install ROCK will erase and format the drive. It will need adding again.

Sorry, misinterpreted that as an external drive connected to the NUC.

ROCK will reformat whatever drive you use for the operating system and that drive cannot be used for music storage. If you have one of the tall NUC cases with room for an additional drive then you can use an M.2 SATA / NVMe stick for the OS drive and use the drive bay for music. I’m honestly not 100% clear on whether or not ROCK is going to insist on reformatting that drive or if it will use it as-is. If it’s contained within the NUC my preference would be for it to be in a native linux format rather than FAT32 or NTFS.