ROCK or Core on Windows?

I suppose it depends also on whether you intend to run other software on the NUC as well as Roon

I run JRiver & Roon in parallel so win 10 makes absolute sense, also a retired MS basedDeveloper so I am a bit biased

Just some additional information on this. I took my MOCK Roon Server (i7 8700) around to a mate and used my D70 to demo it. I upsampled to DSD512 and it ran sweet as, connected via USB. So the D70 does do native DSD straight out of ROCK.

Good to know the D70 works.
I was all set on the D70, but I came across some amazing reviews of the Denafrips Ares R2R DAC. So, while the Ares doesn’t have as many features as the D70, I was intrigued by the sound characteristics of an R2R DAC. I got the Ares. It’s connected to the NUC via USB. It works flawlessly with ROCK. I’ve even tested it with a DSD512 file.

ROCK all the way!

Any chance you can opt for an appliance like device over a Windows bloatware device then you should take it :smiley:

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