ROCK or Windows on NUC, or SonicTransporter, or?

Yes but m.2 SSD is limited in capacity, and for large capacity it can get much more expensive than 2.5" HDD. You can search Akasa here, there are some members using this brand of fanless cases.

I will price one out with the taller i5 case with the fan, and a 1TB 2.5" SSD then! I don’t think the fan noise will bother me. But then I just have to weigh my options regarding the SonicTransporter, whether the extra few hundred $ is worth the turn-key appliance-like, self-updating nature of the beast!

My residence in Canada adds a spin to the issue: Nuc8s are in tight supply here, it seems (not much on NewEgg, nothing on Amazon or BestBuy), and SonicTransporters need to go through Customs from the USA, though there is one for sale on, new in box :smile:

Um, but this applies to a NUC/ROCK just as much - it’s also designed to be an appliance…

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For completeness, Nuc/ROCK is also built to automatically update. Windows, of course, no. But SonicTransporter is great, and as easy as it gets.

“Um, but this applies to a NUC/ROCK just as much - it’s also designed to be an appliance…”

True! Though I think I may be tempted to install Win10 on the Nuc, especially if as is whispered, that Roon may run as good or even better on windows!

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That’s why the decision is so hard!

I think this belief can be traced back to a comment from Brian that if you’ve got a humongous library (say 550,000 tracks), then indeed Windows is your best bet. But for us ordinary mortals it will make not the slightest bit of difference.

There are reasons to use Windows if you want. Which provides better SQ, well, that is always in the ears of the listener. But, there are some reasons like DSD and drivers where a windows endpoint makes more sense. I personally use Windows.

To me, the Amplifier, the speakers, and a well setup room, all matter more than Roon Core’s OS choice. Even DAC is more important. Although, how you connect to the DAC can make some differences.

Is is warrantied by @agillis who gives lifetime support and 1 year on hardware?
Andrew has helped me more times than I’d like to say.

The sonicTransporter has a lot of other features built in not just Roon. Things like auto backup etc. Also it’s fanless unlike an NUC.


Yes, of course, Andrew, thank you! The advantages of your system are many. Just trying to decide if I want a windows machine or not. I am wavering between the two!

I’m sure a quad core model of SonicTransporter will also work fine.

Hi B,

Before spending new money, maybe look into what this issue is?

Are you trying to send 5 different streams to 5 different Chromecast devices?

Or sending the same music stream to all 5 simultaneously?

Does it work with 2 Chromecast devices? 3? 4? Is 5 the number where it breaks?

Can you share screenshot/s of your Roon Signal Path while you’re having these issues?

Are you pairing the devices via Google Home? Is this issue exclusive to Roon only, when sending audio to 5 Chromecast devices?

I only ask to help because if it’s a networking issue (WiFi?) or something else, then the most powerful and easiest to use ROCK machine on the planet may not help.

If you can share more info on these issues, it can help to see if this is a Roon Server/Core CPU power issue, or not… maybe (or maybe not) you can delay spending new money till later.



Thanks so much for these clarifying quesitons, Sean. Yes, it is when sending one streamm to five or more devices (I have 6 CCAudio, and 2 regular CCs), through Roon only (the Tidal app works fine from my phone).

I thought it might be a networking thing, so I have 4 powerline adapters for the CCs farthest from my router, and I replaced my aging Linksys WRT1900AC with a new TPLink 5400x router as well, but the issues remain.

I am thinking the bottleneck is my AMD FX7130, as Roon only plays nice on it if I don’t have many tabs Firefox or Chrome going, which I why I am trying to determine whether I should offload all of Roon to the very well-received SonicTransporter, which I would have to stretch a bit to afford, or if I just need a new multi-purpose windows machine (I am thinking I won’t be going the ROCK route)

[Edit: And I will definitely grab that screenshot next time I have this issue!]

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Hi B

Thanks for the extra info.

Can you share the screenshot of your Roon signal path, when you’re playing to your 5 or more CC devices?

Would be interesting to know the ‘processing rate’ that gets shown there, as you’re having the issues.

I always get heart palpitations when I see powerline adapters mentioned, as it causes me flashbacks.

When I joined Roon (Roon Core was sonicTransporter i7…) I reported so many performance issues and it wasted a lot of Roon Support’s time (and my own time) because I eventually found the cause to be the powerline adapters (TP-Link gigabit ones). I even had them replaced by the retailer but same issue persisted. I then replaced the powerline adapters with Cat 6 cable throughout the (two level) house and all problems disappeared (router, unmanaged switches, Roon Core, Roon endpoints all remained the same).

Not saying it’s the issue here though. Just a side story about powerline adapters and the dramas they caused me :weary:

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Maybe take a look at Lenovo M720 Tiny. Flexible configuration options, good bang for the buck. Plus, you’ll save on the Windows license.

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Hi! I‘m using the Sonic Transporter now for about one year and must say, I love it. Had no problems until now, I use 2 Chromcast Audios and my Audiofiles (MP3 and FLAC) are about 2 TB. Absolutely recommended!

Hey Sean,
wouldn’t you know, when you try to get the car problem to replicate itself for the car mechanic, it all works fine!

That at any rate was what happened last weekend, and I will try again this coming weekend.

Powerline has been working fine lately too. Jeez!

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Great news B. Sometimes throwing more CPU power at the problem will solve it. Sometimes not.

If it means you can delay spending money on a new Roon Core, that’s not a bad thing!

Test playback of HiRes and DSD, and Tidal MQA for all zones. If you have no problem with all these, your core hardware is not processing limited.