rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

Apologies if this isn’t relevant (I haven’t read the entire topic yet), but my Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd gen works with the volume control set to “Device Volume” in Roon audio setup.

Yes, the newer NAIM devices can and so they also can be controlled with rooDial. Tank’s for your Input

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I have followed the youtube videos to get my MS Dial set up for controlling the volume of my Lumin D2 with roon. I did verify that the dial is connected and licensed. The L and R do to change in the rooDial extension. But the volume in roon does not change. In extensions if I open the settings roon crashes. Thanks for any help.

I will send you PM to find out what happend there.

It looks great!
Can it work on Ethernet instead of WiFi?

Sure, either with a Pi4 or with this hat for the Pi zero w: Ethernet/USB HUB HAT Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 4 B/3 B+/3 B/2 B/Zero/Zero W/Zero WH with 1 RJ45 10/100M Ethernet Port 3 USB Ports Compatible with USB2.0/1.1 | Walmart Canada

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Sorry if already asked but would that work with a pi 3? (I have one at home).

My first guess was no, but now I saw in wikipedia (Raspberry Pi – Wikipedia) all of the Pi 3 also have at least Bluetooth 4.1 LE on board. So just give it a try and please report the result.

Thanks for your answer. :smiley:
Finally I will go for a Pi Zero W setup.
Looking forward to receiving everything and giving it a try!



So far as I’m aware, yours is the first Roon Extension which has a fee attached. Have you discussed charging a fee with Roon and obtained their consent ?

Good Point, I have not, should I?
I read the roon API is distributed under Apache license that said " You can use any Apache License 2.0 licensed software in your commercial products for free."
But there is one point I agree:
I should have added a link to the apache license to clarify that and I have to say, that I use the roon API which is owned by roon.
Thank’s for the hint I will add this statement in the next version coming soon.
Did you think more has to be done? I am not a loyer so I will be happy for any input.

Thanks for clarifying. The Apache 2.0 licence is included in the Roon API docs on Github and permits commercial use. The notices you mention sound appropriate.

Just to be clear, the mods aren’t Roon employees, just volunteer users, so we don’t talk on behalf of Roon and don’t always know how things fit together.

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rooDial is up and running. I posted a problem with my setup and DrCWO was determined to get it fixed. His support was exemplary. I don’t have any experience with raspberry pi, but after watching his video tutorials I thought I’d give it a try. Somewhere I messed up and DrCWO got me going. I enjoy listening in the dark and opening my laptop to adjust the volume was a disruption. I like the simple style of the Dial, and it’s action is very smooth.


As far as I am aware it is the second, the first being the Apple TV extension. I plan on updating the Extensions Overview page and also reflect the pricing aspect.


Nope… you are all good to sell extensions. We do not prevent that use case for the API.


Hi @DrCWO! I loaded the extension and purchased a lifetime license. Works great except only the individual devices are available to control. I group my whole home (5 devices) into a group and would like to control the volume of the entire group - can you update the extension to support this or let me know how this can be accomplished, please?

I just discovered your Roon extension where you use the Microsoft Surface Dial as a volume control for Roon. I think it is an excellent project and I am very close to decide to try it out. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with a 16 GB sd card in excess already and Roon is installed as well at a separate NUC based fanless enclosure.
My question is: I have found three different versions of the Microsoft dial: Model 2WS-00006, Model 2WS-00008 and Model 2WR-00002 but I really don’t know how they differ…?
You recommend a 32 GB card - is my 16 GB card too small?

Hi Michael,
I have never heared about different versions nor do I know about any differences. I would buy the one with the highest number but I expect that they all will work properly. Your 16GB is also ok, you can use it :slight_smile:

Robert the Answer is YES!
I successfully worked on this today. Hope to release the update till Monday. There are other really nice features included in the new version:

  • Individual name for the Dial so more than one can be used in parallel in different rooms. The name ist displayed in the status line. In this case you will see one rooDial extension in roon per Dial.
  • Full support for grouped zones
  • Recognize double click
  • New function : Skip to next title
  • New function: Back to previous title
  • New function: Toggel Shuffle

Fabulous, I can’t wait! Thanks!