Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

How’d we go from grouping to resolution and the bastard love child of mp3 and flac?


Great update.Roon is getting better and better. I’m greatfull by the effords you Roonguys put into Roon. After 9 month using Roon I can’t imagine a life without, so I will upgrade my mebership from annual to life soon. Keep up the good works!


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How come I still have duplicates in the artist page, or am I missing something? I have the core and the app on my iPad also updated.

Cheers, Russ. I updated the core first thing this morning. Perhaps all I have to do is wait.

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Does this mean a stand alone Roon for mobile, which doesn’t need a Roon server (NUC, SonicTransporter, etc).

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Yes, you can see what Roon is doing in the signal path.

Hi Chris.

Do you have Show Hidden Tracks and Albums turned off? If not, I’d turn it off and see if that helps. Otherwise, there are a number of possible reasons for this, including:

  1. The different versions have different numbers of tracks, so aren’t considered duplicates.

  2. Some of your versions (TIDAL in particular) are getting their Roon metadata from different album groups (because, for some reason we were unable to equivalence them), so they are treated separately.

In a situation like this, I select all of the versions that I consider belong to the same canonical album, do an Edit / Group Alternate Versions, and then pick the Primary Version I want.

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Maybe change how versions are shown ?

This is a badass update!

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I’ll give that a shot. I do like that DAC and it is nice for the price, for sure, and it also gave me 6 months of MQA I wouldn’t have had, until Roon 1.5. But I have not found that it sounds as good as the DACs at the $100+ price point (for obvious reasons…no I don’t expect Champagne at Bud Light prices). What I wonder, though, is whether the firmware/filter issue with MQA isn’t making the non-MQA content on the S2 sound comparatively worse. A DAC that is only good with MQA isn’t that good. They gotta fix that!!

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Lets have a youtube video buddy :slight_smile:

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The MQA issue with the S2 DAC only appears when it’s doing the full MQA decode. If you have Roon (or Audirvana or Tidal Desktop App) do the first unfold, you won’t have any issues with MQA with the DAC. You’ll see MQB on the DACs screen when it’s in rendering mode.

I didn’t have any issues with non-MQA stuff. In fact it sounded great with Roon up-sampling everything to DSD512 and PCM768kHz, for me.

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Indeed, Jeff, thank you!

I had, in fact, flipped this option off after posting, and, while the situation was greatly improved, my collection still required a great deal of manual culling in a lot of these cases.

Fortunately, the “process” of combining these is quite easy now! I can only hope “tagging” receives a similar amount of TLC in the future.

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Perhaps Roon should take a leaf out of Windows book and do a backup before an update is allowed to start, or at least check there has been a recent one done?

Amazing release!

Wow. Simply wow. Fantastic release Roon Team!!! Very happy chappy…

My impressions of 1.5: generally peppier performance. Albums load quicker, TIDAL more responsive, and newly set endpoint defaults work without lag. MQA and Versions are non-events for me (thus far) but I was impressed with how well thought-out both seemed to be.

My priorities remain “on the roadmap”. :slight_smile:

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