Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

I thought Roon could carry the MQA signal through with Roon DSP through to the MQA DAC… That’s not possible if you select ‘No MQA Support’.

Let’s see what Brian says.

But then there are only 3 white lights on the E2. Is Roon decoding 192? What is the E2 doing then?

Sure it does. I just looked at an album in my library in Redbook, 24/96, and MQA “192” versions. Roon lets me pick any one of them as the primary. I’ve got the 24/96 version showing as the primary.

The settings determine where things happen:

No MQA Support - Roon Decodes, no Rendering info preserved
Decoder & Renderer - Roon passes through, Rendering info preserved
Decoder Only - Roon passes through, no Rendering info preserved
Renderer Only - Roon Decodes, Rendering info preserved.

Correct. You cannot up-sample and preserve the signalling information for rendering in the output from Roon. My question is: why would you want to?

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Hello @BergeP,

The Meridian Explorer E2 has an issue with it’s MQA implementation where it does not handle already decoded MQA streams correctly to perform the final unfold and rendering of the content. For the Meridian Explorer 2, I would recommend leaving the MQA capabilities to “Decoder and Renderer”, as this will get you the best performance for your device given this quirk. When you are not using DSP, the bit-perfect MQA stream will be sent to your device for full decoding and rendering. When you use DSP, the device will receive the decoded MQA stream which is still a high resolution file.

Meridian is aware of this issue and hope to be able to release a software update to improve this behavior.


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This gentleman is doing Roon up-sampling to DSD256 and still seeing MQB on the same DAC’s screen - hence my confusion :sob:

I personally don’t care myself since I don’t have an MQA DAC but my old man is obsessed with seeing MQA or even MQB on his DAC’s screen, and is not seeing it the way the gentleman above apparently is, with Roon up-sampling.

So by MQA signal carrying through, it’s not for further rendering that the old man wants after Roon 1st unfold + Roon DSD up-sampling (obviously) - it’s just for the MQB logo to pop up on the DAC’s screen.

I’m a little confused: with an MQA DAC, can you unfold, apply DSP in Roon (such as Headroom management), and send the DSP’d stream to the DAC with the MQA rendering information so the MQA rendering is applied to the stream that’s been DSP’d? I’m asking about DSP functions that aren’t upsampling per se.

That per album or universal? If per album it’s more needless curating

Yes you can. All you need to do is tell Roon what your DACcan do (it will almost always know) and leave the Decoder on. That means most times, do nothing. If you don’t do any DSP in Roon then it will pass everything through. If you do DSP (excep upsampling) then Roon will software decode and pass Rendering info on. If you do DSP upsampling in Roon then Roon will software decode and upsample but won’t pass 9n Rendering info because Rendering is upsampling and you’re doing it in Roon.

Most times, you don’t need to do anything. Roon will pick what is best.

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It’s per album, just like it has always been. The Roon default has always been to choose the highest res version as the primary. You have to change it manually per album if that isn’t what you want.

How’d we go from grouping to resolution and the bastard love child of mp3 and flac?


Great update.Roon is getting better and better. I’m greatfull by the effords you Roonguys put into Roon. After 9 month using Roon I can’t imagine a life without, so I will upgrade my mebership from annual to life soon. Keep up the good works!


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How come I still have duplicates in the artist page, or am I missing something? I have the core and the app on my iPad also updated.

Cheers, Russ. I updated the core first thing this morning. Perhaps all I have to do is wait.

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.5 Is Now Live!:

Does this mean a stand alone Roon for mobile, which doesn’t need a Roon server (NUC, SonicTransporter, etc).

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Yes, you can see what Roon is doing in the signal path.

Hi Chris.

Do you have Show Hidden Tracks and Albums turned off? If not, I’d turn it off and see if that helps. Otherwise, there are a number of possible reasons for this, including:

  1. The different versions have different numbers of tracks, so aren’t considered duplicates.

  2. Some of your versions (TIDAL in particular) are getting their Roon metadata from different album groups (because, for some reason we were unable to equivalence them), so they are treated separately.

In a situation like this, I select all of the versions that I consider belong to the same canonical album, do an Edit / Group Alternate Versions, and then pick the Primary Version I want.

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