Roon 1.5: MQA questions

Hi, could someone explain which setting in roon I should use for an ifi nano back label dac/amp. re. MQA. I believe the nano relies on the core device performing the first unfold whereas it performs the final unfold.

Set MQA Capabilities to “Renderer Only” for iFi.

Thanks Peter,
Do you know if that setting affects the sound quality of playing other file types, flacs 24/192/96, 16/44 etc as I would often play consecutive tracks of differing file types

It only takes effect when MQA files are played. It leaves everything else as it was before so it has no impact.

Henry is right, but I’d like to add that it seems that some models of iFi MQA firmware removes PCM768 and DSD512 from the previous non-MQA firmware. For those models users have a choice of getting either MQA rendering or DSD512, but not both.

Thanks Peter. I only have a dozen or so dsd albums but 1000 or so 24 bit albums so lack of dsd 512 and above not an issue for me

thanks Henry