Roon 1.6 (Build 416) Is Live!

Hi everyone!

We’ve received a lot of great feedback since Roon 1.6 went live back in January, and tonight’s release aims to address a number of smaller issues we’ve heard about from the Community this year.

In addition to bug fixes, tonight’s release includes an overhaul of our Android infrastructure, as well as some new functionality that’s been requested on the Now Playing screen.

This release also includes a fix for some performance problems we believe may be causing some reports of slowness over the last few months, including search slowness. A number of other bugs we’ve heard about from the Community are also resolved in this release.


The biggest change in this release is a major overhaul our Android infrastructure.

In most cases, tonight’s Android build should start up more quickly, run faster, use less memory, and take up less storage space. We’ve also added the ability to hide the OS controls on Android tablets, using the same “full screen” button on the sidebar that we display on Windows.

While this Android build doesn’t include other visible changes or new functionality, there are major changes under the hood, including support for 64 bit Android builds, and fixes for a number of long-standing annoyances, including graphical issues.

Most importantly, these changes will enable a number of upcoming projects on Android, including an overhaul of audio playback planned for later this year.

These changes also mean that the new minimum OS version for Android devices will be 5.0, and going forward Roon Remote will no longer support Android devices running Android 4.4. Devices running the previous build will continue to work for now.

Finally, Roon is now available in the Amazon Appstore for supported devices.

Now Playing

This release also adds some new functionality to the Now Playing screen.

Now Playing will now rotate through all available artists photos when a track has multiple artists. We’ve also added access to booklets, liner notes, and additional images on the album page.

Performance Fixes

After an extensive investigation, we’ve identified a performance problem in the part of Roon that manages certain aspects of our TIDAL and Qobuz integration. While this inefficiency goes back to the very beginning, the new Now Playing screen exercises this infrastructure harder and faster than before, and it was leading to visible performance problems in Roon.

We believe this may be causing some of the reports of slowness we’ve heard from users over the last few months in multiple areas, and generally make Roon feel snappier.

Also in today’s release, we’ve also fixed the annoying “double load” behavior on Artist details, so the page loads more smoothly for artists with lots of albums.

Other Bug Fixes

A number of other bugs are also addressed in this release, including some instances of multiple artists, some crashes related to extremely large DSD files, volume issues with Naim Mu-So, and more.

The full list is below, and Build 416 is rolling out now! Thanks everyone!

The Team At Roon Labs

Roon 1.6 (Build 416) Release Notes

Roon Build 416 is now rolling out for macOS, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux. Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon. There is no update for Roon Bridge at this time.

All platforms and apps should update automatically.

Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 416:

  • Performance

    • Fixes for performance issues caused by Now Playing
  • Android:

    • Performance improvements
    • Reduced startup time
    • Reduced RAM usage in some cases
    • First install should run much faster
    • Reduced the storage space Roon takes up after install/first run
    • Builds for armv8a and x86_64 CPUs
    • Splash screen no longer rotates while app is loading
    • Backup scheduling no longer uses UTC
    • Fixed corrupted text drawing issues on some GPUs
    • Tablets: Softkeys can be hidden using fullscreen button in sidebar
    • Fix tablet vs. phone detection on small tablets
  • Now Playing:

    • Artists photos rotate if track has more than one performer
    • Liner notes, additional images and PDF link added
    • Better images in some cases
    • Navigation and Zone tabs close when opening Now Playing screen
    • Un-identified non-library composition’s name/part names are displayed
    • Fixed bug displaying internet radio images, and disabled L/R keys
    • Better handling of unavailable content
  • Qobuz:

    • Genre filters persist across app restarts
    • Better errors for some playback failures
    • Fix for Qobuz region handling
  • DSP:

    • Fix for asterisk when preset with a long name is modified
    • Invert Phase setting persists
    • Bypass All Filters state properly affects Speaker Setup
    • Fix misplaced buttons when resizing app window
  • Album Details

    • Fixed crashes with some links on Credits tab when localized
    • Fixed incorrect performance counts in some cases
  • Artist Details:

    • Fixed loading states to address “double load” for streaming content
    • Fixed issues loading “Relative Of” and “Sibling Of” fields
    • Fixed quality prioritization of album version when selecting non-library albums
    • “From” changed to “Country”
  • Queue

    • Radio switch hidden when Loop in turned on
    • Fixed endless Radio spinner when disabling during pick selection
    • Fixed layout issue when selecting tracks on Queue
  • Mobile:

    • Fixed DSP access on Mobile
    • Queue: non-functional export function removed on tablet
    • Mobile > Queue: 3 Dots should be on header, not queue tab
    • Mobile: Signal path is placed properly when it contains >5 items
  • Typography/Layout:

    • Better formatting for reviews/bios/descriptions
    • Fixed minor issues with justified text
    • Fixed “flat-top” text on iOS devices with older generation GPUs
  • Translations:

    • Some missing translation strings added
    • Japanese is no longer “beta”
    • Danish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese added to Beta

  • Fixed multiple instances of artists in some cases
  • Fix for crashes caused by large DSD files with more than 2^31 samples
  • Naim Mu-so no longer defaults to 100% volume when returning from standby
  • Fix for duplicated albums when sorted by “Most Played” during playback
  • Fix for stuck importing (endless spinner) with some Qobuz accounts
  • Search Results: Fixed selection and layout for Top Result
  • Artist browser works properly with “Show More Photos” setting
  • Composer Details: Fixed issues sorting by Catalog Number
  • Overview page: Fixed formatting for date added text
  • Filter works properly with some symbols
  • Fixed parsing of “Performed by” credits with “/” in some cases
  • Fixed Squeezebox display settings
  • Fix compatibility issue that prevented multichannel playback on the MiniDSP UDAC-8
  • Fixed bug that sometimes interfered with Meridian endpoint discovery after a change in network interface status
  • Settings: Fixed some inconsistent toggle behavior when clicking text/switches
  • Internet radio stations that hang when being added time out properly
  • Updated Facebook API Call (no visible changes)
  • Tag Details: Fixed track count display for playlists
  • Fixed display issues with long zone names
  • “0” volume level is not shown for devices with incremental volume
  • Fixed unmanaged crash when corrupt ALAC files claim to have blocks containing more than > 2^24 samples
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