Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

I agree. This would be very useful if the algorithm and the metadata are sophisticated enough, which they might not be at this point. (Even Pandora struggles with this at times.) But it would be very useful if it could take my “dance party mix” (which has probably 50 different artists and 6-10 genres) and play some things I haven’t already thought of myself.

Well, so far in this thread we have two people who don’t, (you and Brian) and several dozen who do.


Searching is taking a long time.


Anyone know what makes the Qobuz integration better than Tidal other than a higher rez files and sampling retes?


Same here

Much prefer the new search in principle, but having just been testing it out, some searches are taking >60 seconds to show results.


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Two keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work:

  • cmd-M for mute/unmute
  • cmd-/ for DSP

Buid 390 MacOS all-in-one, MacBook Air.

Also any updates on getting a combined screen with now playing and queue?

Impressed so far. Radio feature taking in more than stored music is a great idea, and algorithms seem to work well.
UI slight changes, nothing to complain about so far - the text for lyrics appears to be larger (not necessarily a bad thing at my age though)

Excellent release!

It seems the overview page has become significantly slower. Just me?

The grey bar at the bottom seems somehow disconnected from the rest of the page (I use the black theme). I assume the rest of the page still gets an update?

Love the new now playing screen!

Will give the new radio an extensive test drive. Love that I see new songs, not in my collection, popping up! Now need to discover whether I like them :).

With an iPad (or other tablets/touchscreen laptops), on the „now playing screen“: swiping left/right to change between lyrics/credits/review/bio panes would be intuitive.


Because you have downloaded them and put them into your local storage, they are now considered local, and not “Qobuz” albums - so they should be showing up if you use Focus/Format/“Hi-res formats” in your album browser. They do for my hi-res albums purchased from Qobuz.

If you use Focus/Format/Qobuz; this shows all your “favourited” Qobuz albums that have been added to your library. This also shows your purchased Qobuz albums (which it really shouldn’t do, since they are now local copies).

You can also view your albums that have been purchased from Qobuz by going to the Qobuz browser in Roon, selecting the “My Qobuz” tab and scrolling down.

I’m not sure if the one is better or worse than the other, yeah Qobuz offers Hi-Res, Tidal offers MQA, to each their own I’d say…I have signed up for a trial on Qobuz, it’s free for one month, but I don’t see myself paying for yet another subscription next to Spotify and Tidal which I already use.

I‘m not sure I do, but I‘m a creature of habit.

Agreed. and swiping on other tablets/touchscreen laptops (Android and Windows) for the Now Playing screen would be good as well.

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Corrected :wink:

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Looks like a few teething issues.
Earlier only 4 of 5 of my Qobuz purchases were showing up in the Qobuz section, now none of them are.
In addition, LONG load times for Overview page - 15-20 seconds.

EDIT : hmm now 4 of the 5 Qobuz albums are back again… maybe it was a connection issue…still can’t figure out why one of the purchases is not showing up.

I’m using it all the time on my TV and I prefer old version.


Michael -

The thing is for me the MQA is free, no additional charge. I signed up for 3 months for only 1.99 mo. Cant beat that! I am a WAV fan myself. I wish Qobuz offered WAV files. I would ten pay the difference.

Thanks for your help on this



Yep, that is what i’m seeing