Roon 1.7 (Build 571) is Live!

Hi everyone!

The latest update of Roon is now rolling out, with bug fixes, performance improvements, and our new Recent Activity feature!

Recent Activity

Roon’s overview screen has always functioned as a kind of “home” screen, providing you with easy access to your recently added music and new releases recommended for you. If you liked an album enough to add it to your collection, Roon has always made sure it’s close to hand.

But we realize that not everyone listens in the same way, and with the latest Roon release, we wanted to make sure ‘overview’ was useful to those who spend their time listening to singles, playlists, or classical compositions, too.

Now, in addition to browsing recent library additions, your new ‘Recent Activity’ will also give you quick access to all sorts of content you’ve been listening to lately, including albums, playlists, artists, tracks, and compositions. So it’s easier than ever to find your latest music discoveries and more.

That should do it for this release. Thanks everyone!

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon 1.7 (Build 571) Release Notes

Roon Build 571 is now rolling out for macOS, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux. Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon.

All platforms and apps should update automatically.

New Functionality in Build 571

  • Recent Activity

Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 571:

  • Better loading status for the devices waking up
  • Clearer account info in Settings
  • Volume leveling works for Qobuz content when set to “Album” or “Auto”
  • Improved waveform/progress bar draw performance
  • Optimization of text layout code
  • Improved TIDAL token behavior to prevent spurious logout
  • Fixed issues updating in some cases
  • Fixed position of ‘Explicit’ icon on album covers
  • Norwegian is no longer “beta”
  • Fixed error in `ReplyGain Tags’ explanatory text
  • Fixed color of the “Girl” zone icon (Light theme)
  • Fixed the ‘Reset’ button on the Composition browser
  • Improved look of genres and tags when custom scale factor is used
  • Fixed overlapping buttons on ‘Manage Tags’ pop-up when scale factor is used
  • Queue: Now playing track is now properly highlighted in case of selection
  • Fixed issues with maintaining scroll position when editing lists of items
  • Fixed inability to enable portrait mode on WiFi+Cell iPad Pro 12.6’ (Gen4)
  • Various graphic engine changes to improve client performance
  • Fixed inability to display tracks with special characters in iTunes playlists
  • Fixed inability to open PDF files on Android devices
  • Fixed inability to share using imgur
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