Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

I’m getting crashes on Android apps (Android 10 & 11, Sony Xperia 5 II, Xiaomi Mi A1). When the phone is sleeping, as soon as I wake it, the Roon app crashes. Also, crashes randomly when sleeping. Battery optimization is disabled but the app still crashing. I’ve search it and seems to be a long and well known issue, still present in latest release.

New to Roon, still evaluating the trial period. Learn about Roon just a week ago and it was a revelation. But, these crashes are kind of a deal breaker. Hope will be fixed soon.

(And of course I’m running the core on Synology with DSM 7. Hope for a release here too.)

It still is according to several articles:

And is still unusable rubbish according to some folk, including me. Why don’t people use Linux, it’s been free like, forever? :penguin: :wink:


Its been a bad four weeks…


You can still upgrade for free, not promoted but still works.
Just Download the ISO and install it

No Roon client…

I managed on tablet/phone remotes alone for 2 years, but it took me 15 minutes to get it working on WINE. (Customisation fun) That includes installing WINE (I don’t even like emulating Windows :wink: )

but not according to me!

Linux has its uses of course and for some purposes it’s excellent, but for the average home user out there it would be a PITA!

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My quote is tongue in cheek TBF, I’ve used Linux for 20+ years and have never seriously expected it to take over the PC desktoop.

On a serious note though from a technical perspective much of Windows is objectively poor. They’ve never grasped the difference between security and nagware for starters.

Linux has its own issues, one of which is nearly 30 years in and this is still true

And a pretty huge PITA for many. :+1:


I thought they stopped it years ago, the original deal was 5(?) or more years ago

Mike I hadn’t realized that someone else had replied, so forgive me adding to it.
But you are completely correct in theory. In practice they want everybody on Windows 10. So they turn a blind eye to it and don’t officially encourage it, hence it is a White to slightly grey area.
Microsoft don’t talk about it for that reason.

Settings → General → Show playlists on album page → Yes.
Do the same with tags. Hope this helps.

Hey Peter,

maybe you want to support my feature request regarding badges:

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Hey DrCWO,

maybe you want to support my feature request for badges:

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Sure I support It :+1:
I also miss this feature :cold_sweat:

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Hey DrCWO,

thanks a lot - maybe you can also write something in my support request, so that the Roon team can see it - just something like “I support” or similar. I would appreciate that :slight_smile:

A much delayed response, but thanks for this info. It is a workaround that works.

Do we know whether Roon has made progress with this bug?

The shuffle bug has been fixed. The max you can shuffle is still around 5,000 tracks. That’s a designed limit on the size of Roon’s queue. However, the shuffle is now truly random from throughout your library.

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