Roon 1.8 (Build 880) Positive Feedback Thread

I just installed this update to my Nucleus, complete with a Samsung 860 QVO 4 TB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive (SSD), and the Roon update works perfectly.

Anyone else having a good experience too?


Updated my Antipodes Edge ( Linux based) from b850 to 880 and two android remotes from b831 to 880 with no issues at all.
Probably one of the smoothest major updates ever for myself TBH.

Not had time to seriously explore yet but everything is peachy as far as I can tell.

And it seems to be more responsive and just snappier ( if that’s even a word :sunglasses:).


Roon Server on Arch Linux and the 32-bit Windows GUI (on Wine) updated in one click. Everything was perfect on restart. It’s unfortunate that this wasn’t the case for some other users.

This release seems to have solved my only pain point – I used to occasionally see “metadata improver has paused” which could only be fixed by restarting roonserver.service (literally no hardship). I have not had to do this with build 880 so I’m more than happy with this update.

I completely agree that positive feedback is as important as negative so a thread like this is a good idea.


Updated here on a QNAP TS-873A and worked perfectly. No issues streaming from my QNAP, Qobuz and Tidal. Windows 10 & iPad/iPhone Apps updated and all okay.

Done some extensive listening yesterday and today without any glitches. Hopefully others that are having issues get them resolved soon.

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All good here streaming Tidal and Qobuz on Roon Nucleus using Oppo 203 to Bose and RPi4 w/RoPieeeXL to Meridian Prime. Roon control devices include Dell XPS 15 laptop, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Mini 4, and 8th Gen iPad.

I just now deactived the Nucleus to test my Roon core on the Dell laptop. All good there also. The Dell had to add 37 album links to Tidal and Qobuz that happened almost immediately. The artwork for those albums looked like it might be stuck, but I just shut down the Roon app and restarted it. The artwork appeared almost immediately for all 37 albums.


And now…

Quite a fast response on Roon part I would say, let’s see if it helps those in trouble!


880 on NUC running ROCK, 3 Android and 1 Mac updated smooth here which is nice as the first 1.8 release was a real PITA.

Been using Roon most of the day on multiple zones.
No hiccups.
Have also just ran a couple of backups and those went smooth.

Only minor gripe so far is search function still. When searching through my Dead live shows, search is still very sluggish. Android remote freezes up when scrolling through. Happens in blocks of 10 shows or so. Artwork is also hit and miss. As I say, minor gripe and not a real show stopper. Pun intended.

Feel bummed for all the peeps who have experienced the database issue. Consider myself quite lucky on this one at the moment.


Nucleus revA to six Meridian endpoints and five remotes. +++

All worked well on first pass: Roon Nucleus with Lumin T2 and various Sonos endpoints. Using iOS remotes (iPhone and iPad). Better SQ, too, for whatever reason!


No minor gripes. This is a positive feedback thread.


I haven’t had chance to try out many of the new features, search, etc, but the update was very smooth and without complication. So, +1 on that. On the surface I don’t see much of a difference, but that’s not necessarily bad :smiley: .

Core on Mac mini; Ubiquiti switches; Lumin U1m endpoint; Chord Dave, Holo May, Chord 2go/Hugo2 DACs; SlimDev Transporters, etc; Krell, Linn amps; deVore, ProAc, Acoustic Energy speakers; Topping hdphamp; Audeze, AKG, Senn, etc cans. Many control points.

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All good here. Sonos 7 max zones gave me quite a start, and wasted two hours thinking I’d bricked my Ropieee’s. Which was a bummer, but soon resolved and now fixed in 882. Very happy.

Running ROCK on a docker container on Synology NAS. 9 Sonos zones and 4 Ropieee. Qobuz, Tidal, 15000 local albums. All good.

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Core / Server running on a very old, bare bones Windows 10 laptop.

Remotes are Android Pixel 2XL, Fire Tablet 8 HD, Windows 10 desktop gaming PC, iMac running Big Sur.

Endpoints are 2 Chromecast Audio pucks.

I use streaming only, via Qobuz, which probably makes it all simpler.

Except for a little confusion when asked to update (I had already manually updated everything, but the automatic download seemed to happen anyway), everything is running flawlessly.

Edit: I just noticed that the second, internal, update was build 882, not a repeat of 880.

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SonicTransporter and 2 iPad went good.

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After database corruption and a seemingly successful restore of a ten-day old backup, I have been stable after losing some endpoints and sluggish performance. Things seem to be going really well now. I hope 882 restores some folks. Search seems better. I haven’t played with art much though.


So far so good. Haven’t found any issues, and haven’t found any differences other than Roon playlists. Hope problems other users had with this update get resolved soon!

Simply flawless here, feel with everyone facing problems…
What troubles me is the bad temper and harsh tone of some affected members - I’d wish for more civility…


Upgrade to B880 on my ROCK/NUC went without issue - no latent corruption found in my Backups. Feel sorry for those who got felled by this issue.


Update to ROCK with B880 & now 882 went without problems for me. All endpoints are Ropieee and all are present and correct.

It has taught me one thing though: ‘Icelandic Jazz’ is just as bad as you might imagine it is. :rofl:


Qnap TVS 471 i3 Updated without issue… Everything works just fine…