Roon 1.8: please let us know what is next

Dear Roon Team

Many things have been said about Roon 1.8 by now. I expressed my own views in a separate post. I don’t know if you are interacting with the community here (if you are not I am not judging, I just simply don’t know) as I do not have lot of experience with your community pages. But I am sure you read these

For me Roon was a major discovery a few months ago. The audio quality is just amazing. The flexibility is top notch. So I am 100% pro Roon. However…

You need to consider that for most - if not all - of us Roon is more than just an annual subscription. It is also hardware investment. A major commitment with a number of pieces, and some of them are not cheap at all.

I can see the intentions behind 1.8. Major redesign, streamlining, optimizing, etc. But you need to acknowledge that as part of this redesign you severely degraded the user experience when it comes to managing tags and playlists. I know that there are lots of praising words out there who simply do not take this into account. And that is OK. I accept that not everyone uses these features. Fine. And honestly in the grand scheme of things I love what you did in 1.8. I really do. But…Tagging and playlist. A major pain!

Should you bring back 1.7 style tagging and playlist management, those who are not using this feature will not suffer a bit. Your new design does not have to suffer. But if you decide to leave things as they are now that will be a major blow to all of us (LOT of users!!!) who do use tags and playlists. So why would you not bring back those features?

This brings me to my point. Please make it clear what are your intentions. Do you plan to bring those features back or not. In case you already did this please just point me there, I am not aware of it. Again I understand that you have limited resources. Resources often times collide with priorities. But that should not mean that you need to make major changes that removes something in such a dramatic way. I am not talking about some cosmetic degradation where I would prefer font X instead of font Y. I am talking about user experience. Usability and user experience are organic part of what we get for our money.

Because if things will stay as they are, I will most definitely consider alternatives. The alternatives are not overly promising and they all come with major compromises, but Roon 1.8 introduced a major compromise as well. I see absolutely no reason why you would not bring back 1.7 style tagging and playlist management. And I do not see why you could not align those with the new 1.8 style. It is really up to you and you priorities. If you decide not to, it will be very unfortunate.

Because what good is a fancy top notch audio streaming platform if managing my growing audio library is now a major pain? Yes tagging and playlists still work, but how? It is a lot more complicated in 1.8 and as we all know some important aspects of tags and playlist have been removed completely.

As a passionate Roon user, I would like to know your intentions with regards to where Roon is going. And most importantly what are the immediate next steps. Are you planning to reintroduce a 1.7 style taging and playlist management or not.

I am happy to wait, but I just need to know if there is anything to wait for!

Thank you


I’ll just say that this is a wonderful example of empathy, making clear points, and reasonable requests. Thank thank thank you for civility, and bringing in multiple points of view. I don’t use tags or bookmarks at all, and I couldn’t agree more. Fixing that would not impact my use case at all, and would make your use case at least as good as it was before, and potentially better (eg, if we add and/or functionality), and so I wholeheartedly think that this should be on the top tier list of priorities, even though it doesn’t really help me a bit.

(Although given the amount of love that some people have for bookmarks & tags, maybe I should try!)

Thanks again.

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This thread attempts to pull together all that the Roon team have said so far on what they are doing.

I think there is good news here for you wrt to tagging. Have a read and if there still something missing make your case for it in the same cogent way you have done above. Whilst the Roon team are pretty quiet on here I do think they are reading/listening at least I hope so.

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But what “LOT of users” the percentage of all users ???

So speak for yourself please. Because what you are doing here could be considered as not quite polite?

It’s more likely that he is not alone here at all. We have no figures but this is a fair guess.

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Thank You so much for the summary thread on Roon responses. This is great news. Koodos to Roon Team. True Professionals.

What about Roon Devs taking some time to fix both and do it right as opposed to just putting a bandage on it, I use both Tags and Playlists, not an extreme user, but I just went through a major update to a 300+ track Playlist under 1.8, it was horrible, but I’d rather invest a little time to let the Roon Team do them right if possible, just a thought as I have not heard anyone weigh in A) bandaging it up or B) Fixing it right