Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

Meh. I use Arc on my bike. Cars are so 90s…

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Stop and re-run the Roon package in Synology unblocks the updating process, it’s good now

which product? Rock installs itself if you go to “about”.

Roon ARC was harder to find. I tried “ARC Roon” and that worked.

OK, first problem found. Started some suggested Roon Radio, clicked next to skip to the next track and got this

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OK so Roon 2.0 goes mobile and fully supports Apple Silicon on desktop. Kinda awesome if you ask me!


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go to Settings - Roon ARC and check if your port is forwarded

Update on Linux server went through without problems :+1:
Roon ARC and Roon 2 updates on iOS work perfectly

Go to Roon - Settings - Roon ARC and see if port forwarding worked automatically. If not, you will need to manually configure your router port forwarding.

I can”t update

Thanks, a restart helped.

All working fine with my nucleus. Only have to figure out how to download music with Arc.

roon 2.0 does not install on mac mini with mac O.S. high Sierra … is it an outdated version problem?

I have the same problem with macOS Mojave

So l have 2.0 up and running and everything is working great so far. The Roon team has done an awesome job with this. When I thought about Roon going mobile, I figured it wouldn’t be useful for me as I would then need an unlimited data plan for my phone but one of the new features is being able to download tracks and playlists to my phone which is great for me.

Now I have discovered a major drawback with this feature. You can only download tracks that you own and not tracks from Tidal or Qobuz. So if you have playlists with tracks from streaming services and tracks that you own, it will only download the tracks you own.

I’m sure this is not the fault of Roon but is something the streaming services will not allow but still disappointing.


The problem is about Roon Arc, it’s not bypass the Android or Ios drivers when you plug in your dongle/dac. I hope we can use in exclusive mod our dacs. It’s very important for any mobile platform i think.


Exactly. What’s the point when you cannot even download from Qobuz through Roon ARC.


Please see:

Compared to Roon 1.8, the minimum recommended requirements for your Roon Core have changed . Roon 2.0 requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, Windows 10 or later, any version of RoonOS, or any recent Linux release (back to approximately 2014).

Depends where you live. UK live 16:00 local time (I think…)