Roon Android Apps (ARC / Regular) - USB DAC detection and Re-Sampling

The good thing about doing a dedicated USB driver for USB DAC in android OS is it can passed native DSD without having to use DoP in iOS. This is plus benefit. Similar in UAPP. Looking forward for this implemention soon.:relaxed:

I agree with GoldenSound, I’m a disappointed too. I have bought a USB DAC to use with ROON ARC and I noticed everything was resampled to 48 kHz… :frowning_face: Thank you to Prashant_Sistla for his post, because without this, I could have spent many hours trying to fix a problem due to ROON ARC limits, and that cannot be solved at the moment. And thank you to GoldenSound because I did not know USB Audio Player Pro, nice to use it with Qobuz streaming or DSD files.
I hope ROON will react quickly!
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Hi, i still use a LG V60 because of the headphone jack AND its internal 24/96 DAC. But, I also use several usb-dacs like AQ cobalt, Cayin R2R and ibasso Dc4. So, it really is a must to have ARC recognise usb-dacs like USB audio player does. Roon stands foor high quality sound in the living room, and i am a great fan of it and use it daily. So please, fix this asap.

But you don’t use your phone in the living room, do you? Also, 44.1kHz and 48kHz are not exactly low quality.

Hey Brian, could you please tell us, where is this feature located on the dev roadmap? Q1 or Q2 2023? Slight off topic, is there a plan to push the listening statistics to arc interface.And a question to that, if I play music via arc I guess the stats get accumulated in the core, right? Thanks in advance!

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Check out the latest early access version. It answers your question.

Thanks but I prefer to stay on the prod release channel. Not an early adopter.
So the feature request it’s going out q4 2022 ? If so, that’s very sweet :slight_smile:

Depends on how stable it is I guess.