Roon Bridge "Now Playing" screen

I run Roon Bridge on a Linux box with a HDMI output, I think it would be cool to have a now playing screen on the bridge software for home theatre setups.

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Or maybe use a Squeezbox touch screen as info screen :grinning:

Agreed - it would be great to be able to have some now playing info at the endpoint.

On a slightly different topic, has anyone else opened another zone to the system output and used that to power music visualization? That’s a nice plus.

I prefer RAAT as squeezebox is a hassle and is Kinda dead.

That could be cool. I wonder if there is a application that monitors alsa and visualises the audio already.

It works in windows once stereo mix is enabled as a recording device. I feed a duplicate audio signal from the Roon Core to the system audio device via Roon Bridge and there are windows apps that pick this up and visualize it. You can sync the audio with the visualization using the delay function in the zone groupings.

Adding display capability to Roon Bridge is not a good choice - you want the endpoint doing as little as possible. Rather add a seperate Roon Client and hook it up to a display.


What’s a good Roon client just to display track info etc.?

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+1, same question

Any Roon client can display info on any zone, even if this zone is controlled from another remote.

So just point a device at the zone, go to the now playing page, set it to full screen, and you have a display device.

Mirror it to an Apple TV or another TV mirroring device, Android and Windows have them.

Thank you, Anders.

But you can’t have a Squeezebox used as a pure display for what is playing now, and my question is by either develop something for the SBT, I suppose some RAAT, could you then use your SBT as a pure info screen ?

Which also leads to the question if you could add widget function to Roon, as that may simplify some control like stop and play.

And further add a mute or stop when your phone rings, as an example.

This would make Apple controllers different from others, and maybe brake the philosophy behind Roon UI.

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yeah agreed, Roon is still very limited to their current playback screen.

My favorites for playback screen: Thread
Control-Screen is a different thing … but that’s an iPad anyways …

Have you tried the AppleTV remote app for Roon ?