Roon Certification [for Roon Ready Devices]

I’m very disappointed to hear the news that Roon will stop supporting [Roon Ready] devices that aren’t certified. I’ve never had a problem with my Ayre devices. I noticed that these devices “disappear” as audio devices if they are physically disconnected from my computer. Does that mean as soon as that happens, they will no longer be supported?

I have had a couple of occasions where I’ve had to re-do the setup of my Ayre QX-5 Twenty, which disappears as an audio interface for reasons I can’t explain. What if this happens after your migration to this new policy? Will I be totally stuck? That would suck in ways that are hard to describe since my entire audio setup for my main 2 channel listening depends on getting Roon into my QX-5 Twenty.

I can’t overemphasize how disappointed I am in this news.

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