Roon constantly loses audio devices

Each time Roon is inactive for some prolonged period I cannot get connect to room from iPad.

I have to go to the server a current model iMac to log on and find there are no audio devices.
I can leave the system on and it will play current album to the end but loses contact with core.
My connections are direct via ethernet to both target devices: a blue sound node and a Kef LS50W system.
These are both working fine by the apps provided with these units
My conclusion is the problem is either in the core unit\ computer interaction or the wireless network which is an apple airport extreme.

To fix this often I have to close and reboot Roon which then works for a period of time. It initially see no audio devices including on the computer and then recognises them after a minute or so and then I can use for 10-15 min when again contact is lost

Very, very frustrating

Now localised issue to when screen turns off. Since settings changed to go to screensaver but not off , no drop outs at all
The settings are for the iMac not to sleep so this isn’t the issue
Is this a common problem with macs?

Hi @Geoff_Greig ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us!

Roon is designed like a music server, so the expectation is that the computer that is hosting your core, in this case the mentioned iMac, will always be accessible. If the core machine is turned off or goes to sleep, the connection will be dropped and in turn must be re-established.

Roon Knowledge Base: “Why Core?”


I am aware of this, but the mac is set to turn the screen off only and not sleep but still connection is lost
I have to have a screensaver on to keep connection
The settings have not changed and this is only a recent issue since both roon and the mac os have been updated

Instead of starting a new discussion I’ll jump on here. I have exactly the same issue with a headless Mac Mini I’m using as a core.
After not using it for a while I try to use the Roon app on my main machine to connect and it shows no audio devices. I have to vnc in to my Mac Mini go to Settings -> Audio, it’s completely blank and then after 30 seconds or so all the audio devices show up again.
It’s set to never sleep, but now I’ve set it to never sleep the screen and added a screen saver, I’ll see if that makes any difference.

I tried something which looks like it had an impact. On my roon core (headless mac mini) I’ve left the Roon app open on the page Settings->Audio.

So far today every time I’ve gone back to roon on my machine it has no problem finding the audio device I’m using.

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