Roon Core Build

Everyone, thank you very much for the advice. Based on the comments, I’ll likely go with a NUC.

Maybe I’ll build myself a HT gaming PC to go with my 4k projector :grimacing:

Travelled back to my primary residence yesterday with NUC in carryon. Perfect to have such a small thing I can take back and forth!

Also looked at Raspberry Pi… Apparently supply chain issues have made them very difficult/expensive to acquire right now. So NUC directly to DAC until that settles.

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I’ve used one of these fanless mini-PCs with an internal 4TB SSD, Ubuntu Server, packed in a suitable Pelikan case, as a carry-on Roon Core for several years.


So, I bought a NUC11PAHi7 and installed ROCK on it without any difficulty. However, I am unable to access the shared SMB directory /data/ in order to place the ffmpeg codec into it.

I have enable SMB file sharing support (Can't access shared folders from File Explorer - Windows Client | Microsoft Learn).

I can access the NUC ROCK’s page without issues.

Help please!

What do you see when you enter \\ROCK\Data into the address field of Windows File Explorer? Can you post a screenshot?

What is the OS from which you access it, Windows? According to latest research it seems that you don’t need SMB1 but at least on some Windows versions you might have to enable InsecureGuestAuth:

I just returned home from work and was about to post screen shots. However, I can now access rock/data and install the codex so all is good at least for now.

I’m running Windows 11 Pro BTW.

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Great. Microsoft is apparently tightening down the defaults for SMB progressively, so if it happens to ever stop working after an update this is one thing to check.