Roon core in cloud / virtual Roon Core?

For users, like me, who have only few ripped discs and which rely mainly on Qobuz or Tidal, having an hardware Roon Core at home does not make a lot of sense. A virtual Roon Core in cloud would be sufficient.

Even for people who have a music library, this library could be also in cloud.

Is a virtual Roon core being investigated ? Even with a small monthly fee, this would be very interesting.

Anyway, Microsoft is about to announce Windows 365, and we could install a Roon Core on it ! But Roon can optimize a virtual Roon Core, and a customized VM, and do a better offer.

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What’s stopping you to install Roon on a VM ?

A VM will be on an hardware NUC… I propose this for those who don’t want to buy a NUC, don’t want to backup it, don’t want to hear fans, don’t want to find a good place for it near router etc… This is all the point.

So, have you ever tested a rented cloud service where you run your own VM’s ?
It would be interesting to know if this work or not with Roon. I guess ROCK is the best option.

Roon doesn’t natively cross VLAN boundaries so unless your audio devices are also in the same cloud space its not likely the hosted Core will see any output devices. Maybe once Mobile is in place you could do this.

It would be no issue with resources etc. of course just the nature of how Roon is designed to communicate over the network. It assumes/demands all devices be in the same subnet.

This could be overcome with an IPSec tunnel but that sounds too much like work.

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This is the reason why Roon should have his own offer with all these problems solved or adressed. This is a “feature request”. A “virtual Nucleus”.

My apologies. I didn’t get that you were proposing Roon host the Core. It seems as it is there are enough problems network-wise on a local flat network. Abstracting to the cloud only compounds networking ‘issues’ to support.


This could be a monthly income for Roon, from those who can’t afford a Nucleus, or dont want to bother with hardware. Not only issues to support. Roon get nothing from thoses who make their own core, and would prefer a cloud solution.

Your suggestion / request is a very good one.

Until we know how the Roon mobile version will be, I don’t expect much to happen.

For mobile, my phone has plenty of music on it plus when I drive I have a USB key that I plug into my car. I’m happy.

I don’t see the relationship between mobile and my request ? My request is about having only a Roon bridge or a Roon ready devices at home, freeing the burden (and cost) to have a Roon core at home.

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This makes perfect sense to me. Like you I do not require the means to store music (I have in excess of 2000 CDs in a box in the garage) as I use several streaming services.

I use ROCK on a cheap NUC and after some tinkering today it’s now connected to my WiFi router in another room and I’m now using my iPhone 12 as a permanent endpoint via USB. Just in doing this improved sound quality as I was using my NUC via USB to my DAC.

If Roon were to make a standalone streamer using a cloud based core it’d be similar to Sonos’s Port, BlueSound Node 2i.

I guess the question could also be ‘why do we use Room?’

In such case, running Roon Core on NAS, or running you own PC / Notebook(best for frequent traveler) add no extra cost to you, or even can recycle some old computer from buddy, intel core processor with 4 to 8G ram, onboard video will do, install Ubuntu/Roon Core software and OS for free, can be very low cost solution.

You do this by using iPfire. I know it will wok. I’ve tested it on my iOS devices.

So you install iPfire in the cloud, and you have a working net to net with Roon in the cloud.

Exactly :joy:

I don’t think this will work but tomorrow august 2nd Microsoft new cloud service is going live.

It would be crazy if this will work with Roon. Hope someone will test.

Anyone tested? 60 days free.