Roon Core on a Chromebook?

Has anyone tried running Roon Core on a Chromebook with 2GB RAM? I have one around that I’d like to re-purpose as a server.

The Android app isn’t a Core and Linux Roon Server is compiled for x86_64 only. What chip is in your Chromebook and what OS were you thinking of running ?

Two GB feels low for RAM for the Core. Four is reccomended for Roon.

Four GB is strongly reccomended for Roon Server on a NAS. Two GB is required but could result in inferior performance.

This comment by Brian sets out some of the thinking behind minimum reccomended specs.

It’s an Intel Pentium chipset, was thinking of running Ubuntu or ArchLinux. Question is whether it’s worthwile with 2GB RAM. My library is very small - mostly streaming Tidal.