Roon - Display into large screen


I’m currently running Roon Core on Ubuntu Linux and controlling it via my iPhone, iMac, or iPad - depending what’s available on my hand at the time.

Now, I want to be able to display the current track that is playing into the screen/monitor that is connected to my Intel NUC (that runs Ubuntu). I know that this cannot be done with Linux (as it only runs Core) - but before I start installing Windows onto my NUC, can someone please let me know if that will achieve my objective if I do that?

In my mind I want to be able to control Roon from my iPhone and whenever Roon plays a music, I want the display to show what’s playing (with the metadata - artist information, etc.)

Thanks in advance.

The closest you can get is to have Roon (and it doesn’t have to be the core) on a machine attached to a large display, set it to follow a specific zone, display the Queue and then click on “theater view”. This will get you something like this…

I was going to suggest the same thing…I do this with a Macmini that is running bridge and run an instance of roon remote set to that endpoint it full screen mode and theatre mode with this output on the Hdmi to my tv. Just have to watch out for burnin on some TV’s like plasmas.

My AV processor (Emotiva XMC-1) has the ability to keep an Hdmi input displayed when using a non HDMI input like Balanced where I have my DAC connected :sunglasses:

Thanks for the quick response, so I don’t need to replace my core, but as long as I have a remote that is connected to the screen, I can also use that to connect to the zone that I’m playing the music to, and then set it to display the Queue.

Will give it a go tonight - thanks guys.

@Noel_Singgih One thing to think about is if your other system is headless (like mine are) I use either Remote Desktop / screensharing to run up the roon control program (my endpoints like this run bridge to connect to a decent DAC) and then just turn on the TV or off it when I don’t want the info displayed.

One thing that would be nice is the theatre mode that JRiver uses whereby images can cycle thru whats available and still show the track details and time left etc. I think there is a feature request for such a thing - visualisation.

You could even create an endpoint and group it with RAAT devices to play together and not have to have whats playing and whats displaying on the same device even…just select the output device info for what you want to monitor…see what your kids are listening too :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

Here is what my bridge Mac looks like running remote with main dsd512 upsample to the sonica and Hdmi output option on the bridge. See the XMC-1 info overlay

You can also create a system output zone on the display machine, group it with your main output, and then tie visualizers like Plane9 into that system output. Then overlay the visualizer on the Roon display. Then you have bouncing graphics to go with the music.

Wow! Lots to think about… sounds like I will have a good long weekend! Thanks guys, this community rocks!

Plane9 is a Windows program, fyi.

SoundSpectrum will visualize on both Windows and Mac.

Dare I ask… if I want to keep using my Linux Ubuntu Desktop that is connected to the screen, is there a way to display that Theater View?

@Noel_Singgih did you find any solution how to display some info over HDMI connected to Linux based Core?

Hi Kornel,

No, I stopped looking and settled with my RPi display, in the end it works okay for me as I don’t have to switch on/off my TV screen.

I’m trying this as a large display. You can point a browser at a html on your core machine.

@Noel_Singgih I presume the recent support of Google Chromecast might also be a good way to show artwork on a screen. When in a group with your main zone it should show everything nicely (but volume should be set to zero not to interfere)

Thanks - haven’t played with ChromrCast but will give it a try.

Happy to stand corrected but at this point in time I don’t think you can group a chomecast zone with anything else…RAAT or other connections for that matter.

When a chromecast zone is selected the group option is not selectable it seems :disappointed_relieved: