Roon DSP upsampling featuring HQPlayer-like methods

Not all Roon-ready devices are HQPlayer endpoint devices. And it’s quite a headache setting up HQPlayer using Roon control. Why can’t you make something similar to HQPlayer inside Roon DSP?

If you’re referring to up-sampling in particular, there is something similar in Roon. Do you have any specific functionality in mind?

I think that Roon are happy with their current solution and only a small percentage of users use hqplayer with roon.

I think that is due to only a small portion of Roon endpoint devices support HQPlayer NAA as well, and the setup can be quite clunky even when it is supported. If HQPlayer-like upscaling algorithm in built-in, I think most people would be willing to try it as a free Chord MScaler.

The built-in upsampling is the most basic and often introduces artifacts. In contrast, HQPlayer uses advanced algorithm and provides quite a bit more refinement most of the time.

I very much doubt that. Most people don’t have the core processing power to do the maths.

Most modern ultrabooks can do 2 million taps with less than 10% usage of a single CPU thread. It’s not as demanding as some people make out to be.