Roon Extension: Logitech Harmony Source Control (GitHub)


I ran into similar issues a while ago, but I was having them with both my Denon and Harmony extensions, which to me rather suggested a Roon issue. To get my wife happy, I just ended up restarting the extension every hour. However, there were some minor Roon API changes in the mean time, so you could try to do an npm update to see if it fixes the issue.

To generate debug output, you just need to start the extension with DEBUG=* node . instead of just node .

(simon arnold) #22

Ok will try the update but I am running it from Roon extension manger now so I don’t get that option to run it or restart it. My scripting is not really that good either so would not know where to start with restarting the extension every hour.

(Jan Koudijs) #23

The Roon API changes should be pulled in automatically if you have set an auto update time in the manager settings.

There is currently only the possibility to manually stop/start an extension. If it would be helpful I can add a manual restart action as well.

(simon arnold) #24

That would be useful Jan.


(Wim) #25

I installed the Roon Extension Manager today and added the Web Controller, the Arlarm Clock and the Logitec Harmony extensions. Thanks for the good work!

When I try to configure the Logitech Harmony extension, no Harmony hubs are detected while the Android Harmony app works perfectly on my Android devices.

My WiFi (Harmony Hub) and LAN (Roon Core) are on different but bridged subnets.

My Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 10.1 detect Roon Core with no problem over WiFi though.

Any suggestions?


The extension expects the Harmony Hub to be on the same network as the system running the extension, otherwise the detection won’t work.

There should be a config.json in the extension directory containing a section similar to this:

“settings”: {
    “name”: “Harmony Hub”,
    “hostname”: “”

It should be safe to change the IP address to the IP of your Harmony Hub. Just make sure the extension is not running, while you are doing that.

(Wim) #27

I installed the Logitech Harmony extension, and I updated the extension.

Currently config.json contains the following code:

“roonstate”: {
“tokens”: {
“1ab7e23f-9dbc-42b9-9858-352f3c6ba7b4”: “0a462119-e4f5-4937-9eb0-c483dbeee718”,
“262bbd8f-8a76-433b-916b-efc206736e2d”: “8a6acc77-42c7-4372-b79d-52f3f45d3dc0”

I’ll update it to the following code, but I’ll have to figure ouot the IP address of my hub first:

“roonstate”: {
“tokens”: {
“1ab7e23f-9dbc-42b9-9858-352f3c6ba7b4”: “0a462119-e4f5-4937-9eb0-c483dbeee718”,
“262bbd8f-8a76-433b-916b-efc206736e2d”: “8a6acc77-42c7-4372-b79d-52f3f45d3dc0”
“settings”: {
“name”: “Harmony Hub”,
“hostname”: “”


Try it like this and make sure to replace hostname with the correct IP address:

    "settings": {
        "name": "Harmony Hub",
        "hostname": ""
    "roonstate": {
        "tokens": {
            "1ab7e23f-9dbc-42b9-9858-352f3c6ba7b4": "0a462119-e4f5-4937-9eb0-c483dbeee718",
            "262bbd8f-8a76-433b-916b-efc206736e2d": "8a6acc77-42c7-4372-b79d-52f3f45d3dc0"

(Wim) #29

I’ve edited the file with the correct IP address, but in the meantime Roon Extension Manager san into problems again …

(Wim) #30

I’ver re-installed.
New the Logitech Harmony extension stats "connected to Harmany Hub:

However, in the settings page, I do not see my harmony hub listed.

I have not yet tried if I can use the harmony hub as a remote for Roon.


If you manually update the settings, the Settings UI is pretty much useless. However, there is nothing in that UI that’s relevant - you only use it to select the hub to connect to.

Given that the extension indicated that it successfully connected to the hub, evertyhing should be ready to go.


Thanks a bunch for the extension Boris. I am running it in Docker on my Synology NAS and it works great. There is one thing though. I would like Roon to STOP playback if I turn the activity off. Instead it PAUSES playback. Is there a way to change this on my side?


That’s an excellent question, @Anthro. Right now, I am only aware of the ‘standby’ status value that results in Roon pausing the playback.

@danny, is it possible to achieve this? If so, what value do I need to pass into the event so that it stops instead of pausing?

(Danny Dulai) #34

pause is the default behavior and it auto-converts to stop in some circumstances. There is no way to control that behavior – nor should you do that. Stopping has some weird side effects, and is very heavyweight, so we do not encourage it’s use.


Thanks, @danny. In that context, would it be feasible for Roon to put the Source Control into standby after being paused/stopped for more than X minutes?

(Danny Dulai) #36

Please clarify, I am not understanding what you want.

(Danny Dulai) #37

well, you can listen for status changes on the zone…

This is a great feature and one I have on the short-term roadmap for @brian to implement on EVERY zone as an option in Roon – so maybe you want to wait for that…


I think I’ll wait if it’s already on your roadmap. Thanks.

(Larry Post) #39

Hi Boris, @Boris_Pruessmann

The extension works great, any chance you could include the option to control volume even if it’s just relative?

I’d like to be able to control the volume of my Anthem receiver via Roon,



Unfortunately, the Harmony API doesn’t have a way to control volume right now - you can only start and stop activities.