Roon for Windows phone [not happening]

Hello Danny,
it will be very nice indeed if you include the control app for Windows. Until it happens many of ROON users do need PC. Sorry to say, but at the moment we have two class society what I have had not expected when I bought the ROON life license.

Hi cas,

Roon for Windows can operate as a Control for a Core on a server or NAS. Just tell Roon that you want to use a library on another computer when installing it.

Since Roon for Windows can function as a remote perfectly fine, I guess you mean Windows Phone?

As far as I recall, Windows Phone support was never mentioned or promised – and since things don’t look especially well for Windows Phone, I don’t think it will anytime soon:

I mean that it is not true that we don’t need PC any more (NAS). If you use Windows you still must use PC. It’s all.

And what is the % share of ROON in the media player market?
Is it 1% too? Do you mean that ROON is not important because of it any more?

That might very well be the worst attempt of an analogy I’ve ever seen.

Roon Labs should align their very limited resource properly, developing for Windows Phone is a waste of resources.

Much as I like my Windows Phone (a Lumia 1020), this is spot-on.
And to rub salt into the wound, it’s also not an option to develop a UWP version of Roon.


Windows Phone is a dead end. Even Microsoft is not working on it anymore. Windows 10 Mobile is it’s replacement.

As for Windows 10 Mobile, if market share picks up, we will figure out something. In the meanwhile, there is no planned support for Windows 10 Mobile.

I know it’s not the answer you want to hear, but we are a small company and must budget development resources in a manner that is best for our future. We do not feel that Windows Phone OS or its replacement Windows 10 Mobile currently fits that goal. That might change in the future, but at the moment, this is the reality of the situation.

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