Roon GUI on Linux? [Answered]

My Imac is coming on age and replacemenr is near. Before my Imac, I was a Linux Desktop user, mainly Ubuntu/Kubuntu, OpenSuse and Linspire. I’m planning to go back to Ubuntu (Apple is coming too expensive), but I can’t find any .deb version of Roon. Is roonlabs planning a Ubuntu version of the desktop Edition of Roon?

I can’t remember the exact steps but if you search for dpkg you will find the Linux steps

I believe OP was hoping for Roon on Linux (one with control as well, not bridge or core) which is not available.

That is what I want!

Only Roon Server or Roon Bridge is on linux. Roon, with the GUI, is not.

Though these posts are older, you might get some idea from them.

Any news on this?
the times of Windows majority seem to start fading especially with Steamdeck etc going to be Linux OS Systems.

Is there any way to run roon Remote on Linux? I don’t want to wake up one day and not being able to listen to my music because some update broke roon :frowning:

Fading you say?

I love Linux for many reasons, its desktop functionality and uptake is not one of them. Apparently ‘Unknown’ has a much greater share of the desktop OS market than Linux :neutral_face:

You can surely see why this is not a priority for an application like Roon?

Having said all that, you can run Roon on Linux using Wine pretty successfully as far as I know.


i believe global share is not representative for a dedicated sub group like roon users.
look at the Linux growth of gamers since Steamdeck release. I would argue that such a growth is far more important than all the office clients which are the majority of global desktops.

And those office clients are also not the target group for roon

That may be true, but the share is still a small fraction of the total and Roon should focus efforts accordingly.

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What has a handheld game console (that uses the Wine variant Proton to run most of the available games btw.) to do with Roon, how is this relevant “for a dedicated sub group like roon users”?

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Steamdeck is not an example of Linux being used more widely on the desktop in my opinion.

I’ve been in IT for a lifetime and every year is going to be the year of LINUX on the desktop.

that you haven been in IT for the last decade.
i don’t know what “the year of Linux” should be.
But Linux as a desktop or thin-client is slowly but steady gaining ground.

And Steamdeck for one is not “just a console” but also a good example for exactly this down-waiving behavior being wrong.

“everybody” laught at it having no chance and gaming @linux being impossible - now look back even anti cheat works on half of the games mostly even native.

I get that it would be a resource investment. But it is not one for the 2 % or 10% using linux now. It is for all those woul are or will be hold back due to beeing enthusiasts. Beeing dedicated to a topic and invest thier personal resources. For nerds.

Dont hold nerds back from thier dreams just because some global chart densest look good.
Saying their is no sens in making native linux support is the same as saying roon development was useless since most ppl had windows media player -.-’

it is true but not for those who like to go the extra mile.
And currently roon is holding ppl back from switching to Linux if they don’t like to be cut of thier library like those times when wine/proton etc workaround fails every so often.

Also nobody is forcing anyone to switch - but be fair and dont force folks to stay either!

Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything, it is simply a call for some realism on what you should expect businesses to invest their time and resources in.

I don’t see linux based OS’s to be a reliable business platform any time soon. It’s not only about desktop and internet experiences.

Say, you are running a moderate size international business (from balance sheet perspective). 80 countries, 120 factories, 100000+ PC’s. How much overhead effort you put to have all this work on Linux !? All the software for your finance worldwide, bank clients etc., CRM software, ERP software, business analytics, machinery all is windows based GUI’s at the end.

Nay, unless Microsoft collapses, it will take decades for any Linux like to step up that level…

EDIT: This post is made from FireFox @ Linux Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop… :slight_smile:

It’s bad enough updating that fictional firm with windows never mind an OS swap. :sweat_smile:


ha! precisely! but at least that’s doable. in those 80 countries you can hire MS certified sys admins who can deal with that. contrary to linux systems, even the top and mainstream ones…

this does not mean by far linux is “bad”. it’s simply another set of use cases and a fraction of economy…


To me, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of Roon.

@abbluiz, you’ll find there are plenty of Linux users in the community, myself included, that successfully run the Roon GUI in Wine or Bottles.

I will try that. Thanks.