Roon lifetime subscription

Until when will it be possible to subscribe for life? Will there be any increases on the lifetime subscription? And on the annual one? Thank you

You can sign up for a lifetime membership until they don’t offer it anymore. But I’d suspect Roon will never give a date that they’ll eliminate lifetime. They certainly won’t tell anyone months ahead of time.
Lifetime price might go up. My guess is there is as much a chance of the lifetime membership going up as there is of lifetime being discontinued. At this part of Roon’s life cycle, the lifetime membership isn’t in their best interests business-wise. They’d rather have subscriptions.
Annual subscriptions will probably go up one day, but it doesn’t sound like Roon have plans to raise it in the near term.
Roon is just very guarded about sharing future financial plans. Almost every business is.


Last time the Lifetime sub increased there was absolutely NO notice, the reaction was exciting. At that time they implied that sooner or later Lifetime would cease.

Clearly it hasn’t happened yet but I wouldn’t expect any notice at all, if you plan to do it then do it soon

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I like how Tesla raises the price of their FSD feature every time they release a major update…


Explained all here. Very rational I’d say. They are in business and have mouths to feed. And they do a great f’in job.

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I didn’t go lifetime early enough so I will continue on annual, suits me.

I agree with the annual sub as keeping the lights on , if everybody went lifetime the routine income would dry up

Roon is not going to answer that. They may not even know themselves.

Well thank you @danny for making Roon Lifetime actually follow MY lifetime… if you followed the Tesla model, then I’d need a new Roon lifetime subscription every time I got a new DAC or speakers. LOL

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Given that Roon 2 has just been released, possibly a veiled hint!

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