Roon Nucleus Advantages

I sort-of disagree on this point.
I bought a Nucleus earlier this year, and I am extremely pleased with it as a completely ‘turn-key’ product.
However, for the £1500 I paid for it, I think it should have come bundled with at least a year’s subscription to Roon included.
I’m now a lifetime member, which as a Nucleus owner is almost requisite, but it would have been nice if I was given, say a year up-front with my Nucleus purchase.

No. Your understanding is correct if you plan to go lifetime.

If they’ve spent the resources to build those integrations, then you’d get those integrations. I’m not sure what they’ve built. You’d have to contact them.

We are looking into licensing Roon OS which could come with those control integrations, but the devices you speak of that exist today are no more than RoonServer running on Linux or Windows.

I believe this is rhetorical, but the price is what we believe is right. There are multiple factors playing into these decisions including the cost of support, maintenance, and the sales channel’s required margin.

I get that everyone wants a deal, but given that this use case already has an expensive C4 or Creston system, price sensitivity is rarely a matter that comes up.

The fact that we give away ROCK was purely to reduce a support burden. It has worked fantastically. It is not the norm to give away something like that.

Roon added value! As Danny suggests, other manufacturers would make you pay for software that Roon is providing for free. You can roll your own or pay for a bespoke device (Nucleus or Nucleus+).

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Products are priced at what the market will bear. If the Roon products are selling at their current price, then they are priced properly.

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… or too low :wink:

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Appreciate the feedback; even though I don’t agree. For the CPU, Memory, etc you get for the money spent on the Nucleus one can get something much better for a better value supporting better quality and over all processing.

I am clear about rolling my own; and I do that

My ability to afford a Control4/Crestron System has no bearing on my ability to afford a Nucleus; it is my desire to have a better hardware solution then currently offered by Roon nucleus solution.

I have made it clear that I think it fair to limit this to ROCK and Nucleus this insuring that the underlining OS (Windows or MacOS) don’t get in the way.

My only ask is availability for the “Control4 integration driver” outside of the Nucleus framework as I wanted a better overall system for my Roon Core.


More powerful spec, not necessarily better performance with Roon. What has been left out of the Nucleus is in my opinion as important as what has been included. In addition, raw processing power also needs to be balanced against cooling capacity.

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We’re all actually paying good money for using roon and for them providing a software to run on nuc is the bare minimun, otherwise no one will buy it

You obviously don’t need a ‘better’ hardware spec than the Nucleus/+ provides to run Roon well, otherwise Roon would have b****** well included it in their Nucleus/+ spec! :nerd_face:

I wonder if you would have drawn this conclusion if ROCK wasn’t available and there was only Nucleus?

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It’s obvious that @Sean_Schwoerer doesn’t realise that the Nucleus/+ is very much a ‘turn-key’ product/solution for Roon. One that I very much welcomed.
He obviously wants to tinker. That’s fine. ‘Each to their own’.

Not everyone runs a NUC for Roon. Plenty of folks use Roon on PC or Mac. You’re correct that it is in Roon’s interest to provide a NUC solution but they could have charged for it.


Yes, I would have come to same conclusion, Regardless. I unfortunately know the cost associated with each of the components. My mouth still drops on the cost charged for some of the audio gear offered for what one gets. When it comes to a basic Intel Desktop.

I’m already paying a yearly or lifetime membership on top of the hardware purchase. If the hardware came with the lifetime license then this would be completely different as i’m paying for the software on top of the hardware…

The nucleus isn’t anything special, sorry to say… It’s an intel desktop with heat sinks with basic desktop features.

Btw, I don’t want to tinker as implied.

‘Tinkering’ to me, is having to assemble a NUC and load ROCK. I didn’t want to do this.
The Nucleus is marketed as a ‘turn-key’ Roon product. That’s it’s appeal. And I think it’s great.
VFM is subjective. Each to their own.


It generally comes with dealer support. That’s… special, because you need someone who’s going to have to deal with setting up a rather complex device, for a non-technical (and probably rather demanding) customer, and who’s ready to get moped at if anything at all goes belly-up.

That, and this is highly subjective, but Nucleus also doesn’t look like it was hit by a truck (compared to an HDPlex case) or hit by a truck and then trampled by a horde of zombies (Akasa).

I’m all for building yourself, and I think it’s the way to go in this case, but please, find another passive NUC (not a quasi-NUC, an actual NUC7/8 board with a place to put a SATA drive) that’s passively cooled, doesn’t look like it was designed by a 12 year old with eye-hand coordination problems, and price it.

I’ve looked around quite a bit, and from what I’ve seen, there’s the ShapedMedia, but I don’t know if they sell it or what boards you can put in there, there’s a LogicSupply/OnLogic with no public pricing, there’s a Swiss option that’s cheaper than a Nucleus ($800 for the i3, the gap widens with the i7 at $1300, so we’re still talking $400 for a decent-looking passive case, a little bit of thermal paste and screwdriver knowledge here) before shipping, taxes, and installing ROCK, and maybe there’s something from TranquilPC in the UK, but it sure ain’t on their site.

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Or someplace out of the way, in which case, you don’t care what the heck it looks like.


BTW; Could consider AMD proc solution as they are giving Intel a run for their money based on speed, cores and threads on the mid range side of desktop. I’m neither partial to intel or AMD.

Here are sizing suggestions.

TL;DR, if you have less than let’s say 700’000 or 800’000 tracks in your library, it’s probably better to stick to supported NUCs if possible. Above that, well…

With Roon in general, low idle consumption > high horsepower. This isn’t Red Dead Redemption, and outside of rather specific cases, awesomeness doesn’t scale. That’s why moar powaaa (so more heat, more noise both electrical and physical, more electricity draw) is detrimental. If yours is not an edge case, you might as well leave good enough alone, so please let people know what your use case is, i.e, how many simultaneous streams you intend to need, how many tracks are in your library, whether you want to upsample things, etc.