Roon OS 1.0 Build 253 Observations

anyone try uefi?

strange, ill look into this, but i haven’t see this… its strange, since we blow away the disk before we start…

the new builds no longer supports the branches folder. instead, check /Reinstall – there is a readme in there that explains how to use the new replacement for branches/

read the readme in the /Reinstall/ folder… it has instructions on how to use this new “easier system”

it looks like one real issue is caused by the upgrade to earlyaccess – but if this was a stable → stable upgrade, it wouldn’t cause problems… it only happens with 227 → reinstall → 253. if you 227 → upgrade → 253 or 253 → reinstall → 254+, it wont have reauthorize and slowness on first run.

i don’t think we are going to fix this for release, since its moot once you leave 227

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Maybe I am misunderstanding that last rather terse comment :slight_smile: but 227 was the regular 1.0 stable of Roon OS, right? I upgraded directly from this to 253 and had to reauthorize and slowness on first run.

Edit: Ah, of course the button in the web UI is “Reinstall”. I guess I just don’t get the difference between 227 → reinstall → 253 and 227 → upgrade → 253. :slight_smile:

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I experienced the same when upgrading.

Deauthorize always makes metadata improver stop working (been like this for years). You need to restart core once more to make it work. I would hope the latest Roon OS would solve this.

upgrade is what happens when you take it in roon, and reinstall is what happens with web ui.

you guys cant reproduce the upgrade case

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Yeah my NUC 8i3 is now working fine on UEFI. it was just the deauthorise loop that caught me out.

@danny Is the HDMI Audio still being picked up even though it is disabled within the NUC BIOS?

if it’s picked up, then the bios isn’t doing a very good job of disabling it.

When I wrote that there was no file available…since then its been linked for download…so pre advice of these things might be a good idea for such things moving forward.

Roon wasn’t picking up the disabled HDMI Audio previously, on the same BIOS firmware.

Yeah – once I nuked the old partition, UEFI install went fine. Still running on UEFI now (NUC7i7).

Yeah, I saw – but the Help Center article link in the readme isn’t active yet, so that did not not help much. :smiley:

Strange … Linux is finding it

Yes, that’s why I was flagging it - has something been changed to add the UEFI support and has had a knock-on that affects the ALSA interaction, or whatever is controlling the HDMI Audio interfaces.

IIRC from the past, disabling a component in the BIOS was never the same as a hardware switch off. It mainly meant that the BIOS wasn’t reserving resources (memory, IRQ, …) for it. Older OSes respected the devices and (communication) resources allocated by the BIOS and used those as is. Later on and depending on an OS’s configuration, what the BIOS initialized was a must for booting up the OS and merely a hint for the OS itself. A modern OS could and often would run its own device detection and resource assignment – so disabled in BIOS devices showed up in the running OS (sometimes with the status “disabled”). With the current UEFI, the pre-boot-up UEFI and the OS became even more separate and it is often possible to see and change the UEFI BIOS settings for boot-up from the running OS – something that in the past was impossible from the OS and required a (re)start from the machine, entering the BIOS setup. So I’m not that much surprised. I don’t know the NUC hardware, but there are often pins on the mainboard that allow for disabling certain components which, when used, turn those components off.


Yes, working with 11th Gen Celeron N5095 in UEFI boot

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Ok, let me go and investigate this, as there is no way I will be plugging any DAC into my ROCK server.

Another observation after updating to RoonOS build 253.

I have now got audio devices from the previous iteration of my core when it was running 227.

I assume this is something to do with the reauth that I had to do, but this audio device is spurious, any idea how to get rid of it?