Roon OS and Nucleus Internal Storage backup


After mounting the N+ to your Mac you can run Chronosync without any other tool/agent.


Thanks @Tom (and ping @William_Allbrook). I have never been able to get the Nucleus to show up in ChronoSync’s selector window even when it was mounted, so I’d assumed it wasn’t possible with ChronoSync, not to mention the ChronoAgent issue. But your response encouraged me to try again. The Nucleus still wouldn’t show, but this time I noticed the drag & drop option, and tried dragging the SSD folder icon from the mounted Nucleus onto ChronoSync’s volume selector area – that worked! Appreciate the tip.

I might be misunderstanding what you are doing with ChronoSync, but it seems to me using synchronization is not a good idea for a backup. If you mess up a file on the primary source (your Nucleus), you will mess up the file on its mirror. That would not happen if you messed up your mirror (because it is one way). If you are at all like me (and I hope not!), if you make a stupid mistake it will be on the source and not on the mirror. This is in part because I just make mistakes in the worst possible way, but also because you are interacting with the source and not the mirror.

One other avenue you might like to consider is Acronis True Image. I use it on my PC to backup to my NAS.
Just to see how this would work on a Mac I dug out my old MacBook Pro that I haven’t used since before I installed my Nuc/ROCK. I downloaded one copy of Acronis to my Mac and installed it. I went to create a backup and instantly identified my ROCK music folder on my SSD of the NUC. I’m now backing that up to my Mac. So it works pretty easily.
Downside is Acronis is $50. But its really easy to use.

Chronosync has options to move mirror files out of the way into a separate folder rather than overwriting/deleting them when the source changes.

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Hi guys,

A simple sync is definitely not the best way to backup up data, but I do in addition as well a backup to my nas to have another source of data. The nas is mirrored to another nas and finally copied to an external hdd to be bullet proof.
Fernando is right, it is possible to mirror out deleted files into a specific folder.

I think chronosync is a great tool, as long as you know what you do.

… and have always the 3-2-1 backup policy in mind :wink:


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