Roon Ready Certification

You said it better than I did in my numerous posts. Follow the money Roon and don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

NOT if they have a poor experience with a ‘Roon-Ready’ streamer, that isn’t really…

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People always have a choice. There’s always a work around. That is spending money like we do for better sound. If I had a lifetime membership, and I do, and I lost hope about this(unlikely) then I would buy something I know that works. We’re tearing our hair out and all we get is bald.


Even worse if the only alleged “Roon Ready” (but uncertified) device one owns, among multiple others “Roon Tested” or simply RoonBridge implementations, is the one that causes trouble.


Yes. And I personally feel that all those integrated DAC/Streamer devices are not really necessary for having the best Roon experience. I always would select a DAC for its analogue sound signature and not ever for its status with regard to Roon certification. I can always connect it directly to the Roon Core, or to a bridge device which can be as cheap as a Raspberry Pi with or without a HAT. The Roon Core does the streaming part well enough.

But, on the other hand, most manufacturers of those integrated devices are not able or not willing to put together and support a software solution which would make their devices attractive for users outside the Roon ecosystem. So, I wonder, how many sales of these devices would be missed without there being a software solution like Roon?

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That’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Software development and support are very costly and highly skilled. Some specialty audio gear manufacturers are much better at making grand claims than at actually building a solid and durable product. Some underestimate the costs of software support. Some, like Linn, have their own expensive ecosystem that works well enough, as it should given the cost of their gear, although for my use cases Roon works better. What we find here is that as music migrates to a software service, many manufacturers are failing to make the investments and choices that will keep them competitive, and instead try to ride the coattails of those who had the foresight to built what is needed in this new world.


That’s a lot of ifs, but you meant that as a joke, right? :grin:


I agree with Frank_Daman’s statement!

I’ll probably be dead by then.

I’m 51… :sunglasses:

Your Schiit DACs are not affected.

Your USB device is not affected.

There are only a handful of devices breaking the rules. All those devices on the official Roon Facebook page are unaffected as they passed certification. We wouldn’t announce uncertified devices.

Extortion for fees is not possible as there are none. We do not charge for certification.

It is only about devices that never completed Roon Ready certification or lied about their Roon Ready certification status. If it’s on our partners page as a Roon Ready device, you have nothing to worry about. If you visit Settings -> Audio and see no pink UNCERTIFIED banner, you have nothing to worry about.


correct, but only uncertified devices that are breaking the rules of Roon Ready certification.

Linn is not an uncertified Roon Ready device. It is Roon Tested. Linn will not break.

you need a firmware upgrade.

no, Roon Bridge is unaffected.

you are not affected.

While this device is uncertified, it’s in the final stages of certification. We anticipate it’ll be done by the 21st.

YES! This is exactly why are we doing this.

You have not spoken to the right person at Chord. This is not the case. We are waiting for new firmware from them.

Agreed, this is the type of behavior that will become impossible after September 21st. The manufacturers of these devices are cheating the process, and you were “duped” into believing it was signed off by us as Roon Ready. This is an example of the trust of the Roon Ready program being eroded by misbehaving manufacturers.

you need new firmware. it is certified, but you have a pre-release firmware.

Yes! This type of thing will not be possible after September 21.

Thanks. A few bad eggs will all fix themselves pretty quickly now.

This is one of the things that needs to be fixed before they will be certified. That said, you will still be able to use the 2go via Airplay until they get their act together.

yah… that’s what we are fixing on September 21st.


Manufacturers are not allowed to re-distribute RoonBridge.

Good stuff.

If it was certified, you can trust it. After September 21st, no manufacturer should be able to cheat the system.


Check for sound quality before you switch. Not you Slim…

I’m using an uncertified MiniDSP SHD; if I understand this correctly after 21 Sept if I accidentally disable it in Roon my system will be rendered useless?


Surely letting people use uncertified equipment at their own risk is preferable to this draconian strategy. It seems bonkers to me.

As a happy Roon user of many years I am now for the first time scoping out alternatives.

SERIOUSLY unimpressed! :frowning:


The “not be able to grandfather existing product’s can’t possibly be true. Seems like a money grab. Glad I didn’t purchase a lifetime subscription.

But, as it is, whenever those same people experience a hiccup with Roon and their non-compliant hardware, where do they go looking for help? Right, just here on this forum! Whatever goes wrong with the integration of Roon and any non-certified hardware, in the mind of affected users the blame always and primarily is placed upon Roon.

This being so, only Roon’s reputation and goodwill is being damaged, never the hardware manufacturer’s. The guys here never get mad at their shiny new streamer they paid US$ 6.000 or 10.000 for… it’s always Roon which must be at fault.

Now say it isn’t so…


I cleared up the extortion issue much earlier. It was an op for Roon to explain which they did to anyone readings satisfaction.

If turn off my MHDT DAC? Or if I loose power? With the DAC not work with my Nucleus?

@danny you took me out of context but that’s ok. I love Roon.

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I’ve added a far more clarifying post here:

Let’s move the conversation there.


Already answered … see your exiting topic …

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