Roon ready devices with Dirac Live

(Darin Davis) #21

What are you using for USB?

(Calen) #22

I started with an old 2010 Mac mini running roon bridge. I have recently moved to an Allo Digione going SPDIF into the SHD. I have not noticed any improvement/change in the sound, but I like the smaller form factor of the Allo digione package compared to the Mac Mini.

(Maurizio Buratti) #23


I have been thinking at the SHD Studio because is an all digital device

I heard before that installing the new recipe in volumio would have reduced the bitrate to 16bit.

However from previous comments here this doesnt seem the case.

In terms of mqa unfolding i know that minidsp doesnt do that, but my plan was to pair the device with a mytek brooklyn dac+, which is MQA certified.

Can anyone at roon, at minidsp, at mytek or from the community confirm if roon/minidsp/dac combination Will be able to perform the unfold+render of the mqa files?

Alternatively i saw the all digital DDRC-22D that could get the digital input from a streamer, and get the digital signal out. However as the internal frequency is 96khz, would this work before the mqa rendering?

Aka streamer output 96khz via spdif -> DDRC-22D -> mytek dac+ rendering mqa

The problem is that i dont know if the dsp has to happen on the fully unfolded/rendered audiofile or if it can happen after the first unfold and then the rendering can be carried over later on for higher frequencies…



(Maurizio Buratti) #24

I found the answer for the ddrc-22d by looking at mydsp forums. Short answer the first unfold will happen on the roon, it will output spund but the dac wont see the mqa stream so wont render the remaining frequency spectrum

Still unsure about the shd studio though but i suppose it will be similar.