Roon Ready KEF-LS50-ii

please tell me my new KEF LS50-ii will now be certified!!!

i spoke with KEF technical support two weeks ago and they said it’s all in Roon’s hands.



Are the KEF-LS50-II the same as KEF LS50 Wireless II?

There is a very long topic about these …

Roon never release timescales for certification as it’s such a variable process. Only once they have passed Roon’s certification program can they be called Roon Ready and it’s Roon’s Policy that the communication of this is first made by the manufacture.

I guess all that can be inferred from Kef’s comment is that the certification program is underway, but it’s not of course just in Roon’s hands as the device itself still has to pass muster.

Not what you want to hear I’m sure, but personally I purchase devices on what that can do now, not on what might be come, as that may not ever happen. (Sadly, I’ve be burnt in the past.)