Roon Referral Program

We’ve launched a new referral program, and our CEO @enno talks briefly about it here:


I’ll nip a common question before you ask: what does this do for current lifetime subscription holders? The answer is “nothing yet”. Just hang on to your referrals and we will offer something to you soon enough!


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Any updates for Lifetime member’s referrals?

The referral link doesn’t work it just takes me to my account page. This is the second time I’ve asked for my referral link. Can someone please help. The first time I emailed and was told it was in my account info

First step, I would recommend checking any ad blockers that you may have. Those can tend to block referral elements.

Hey @John_Purtill, check again, you should be able to see it now. Thanks!

@kevin i also still can’t see my referral link.

Fixed! Give it another try.


Same issue ??

Hi @Ray_Beck,

Are you saying the referral link isn’t showing up on your account either? If you have an active Roon subscription, your referral program should be visible on your account page:

Please, let me know if I can help,

I also don’t seem to have a referral link anywhere on my account page despite having an active subscription

The SOTM code you are using is interfering, because it appears to the system that your subscription is not paid for in the normal way.

Hey @GoldenSound,

Thanks for clarifying - you should be all set now: your referral link should be visible on your account page:


I also do not see a referral link anywhere on my account page.

Sorry about that, @Patrick_Priemer!

You should be all set now. You now have a unique referral link that you can find on your account page


Thank you very much.

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Hello, I started a trial period coming over from an referral link and there are 14 days left. Should’t there 42 days left? Where can I see the extra month? My ad blocker ist off…

Hi Sven,

I think the standard trial is 14 days (these days). I’m not aware of any extended trial such as 56 as you seem to suggest. However, I have read on this forum that there are 30 day trials (perhaps 60) embedded with some hardware purchases & as you say perhaps a referral link.

Happy to stand corrected if I am wrong.

What I would like to suggest to Roon is let’s make it clear in terms of trials. I get to incentivise a purchase perhaps an extended trial period is understandable. However, I don’t understand why some have longer periods than others, this applies to countries also.

If there is an extended trial offer that should apply to all new users. After all the whole point of the trial is to entice new users to subscribe.