Roon Remote for Surface Pro X (Windows on ARM)

Will there be a Windows on ARM version of Roon Remote in the near future?

It’s extremely unlikely, in my opinion, given that the version of OpenGL that runs on it will not support the Roon UI.

Yeah, unfortunate really. I’m enjoying my Surface Pro X and wish I could have Roon as an endpoint on it.

Wasn’t OpenGL/ES deprecated in iOS 12 and everything was migrated to Metal, how does the remote app work in iPad?

Imo, it will be great if we can have a UWP version of Roon Remote (for normal Win10 and ARM-based and maybe Xbox). And I feel it is much easier to build more responsive app with smoother animation in UWP.

See this response from Brian a couple of years back:

I don’t think that Microsoft see UWP as part of their future either…

Thanks for the Apple reply. Totally make sense.

For the UWP part, yes but no… I think Microsoft tries to merge UWP with Win32 by providing all the modern API to Win32, so they all can be called Windows App. UWP should still be a path to their future.

Win32 and UWP are both in the roadmap of WinUI.
They added a lot of things since I last checked. If WinUI 3.0 become a thing, I think Roon will be able leverage the benefit of UWP UI without the need of rewriting the backend.

I managed to get it working on surface pro x using this article

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Just adding my voice to request this, however it is executed technically. ARM is the future on both platforms (Mac and PC), so ‘skate to where the puck is going’.

Also, can confirm that the workaround linked by Mr_C works, but may deter less tech-savvy users. Roon also seems to be a processor hog with this workaround on SurfacePro X while in the foreground/in use – battery life will suffer. When it’s minimized there’s no UI to render and the processor use drops to almost nothing.

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