Roon remote on Synology?

Hi all. I currently have ROCK running on an i7 NUC and a number of DACs and BlueSound endpoints connected either via USB or RPis, with all my music stored on a Synology DS918+ NAS.

I would love to use the Alarm Clock extension and wondered if I might be able to install Roon on the Synology NAS and then have the extension loaded on that, as currently ROCK doesn’t support extensions.

Does anyone know if I could do that and keep the Core running on the NUC? IE I think the problem I will run up against is that I will have two instances of Roon Core software running and it will almost certainly only let me have one…


Rock can run extensions but it just cast host them. Look at a Raspberry Pi with diet pi to do it or maybe the nodeJS can run on the Synology…

Sorry, yes - that is badly-phrased. My RPis at the mo run RooPiee - I am not terribly technical and have found that very easy to use. I will have to do some research into DietPi and feasibility. Would you say once I’d got DietPi going it’d be easy to setup extensions from there?

Thanks so much - John

I think it uses @Jan_Koudijs very good extension manager for memory. It’s in the tinkering thread if you search

Your NAS can run Docker containers (according to Synology docs), this means that you can run the Extension Manager on your NAS and keep your Roon core on your NUC.

There are instructions about the installation in this thread, a few posts down there are instructions provided by @Michael_Kletzin on the specific steps for a Synology NAS.