Roon’s handling of 1.6 Feedback

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I’d say both sides got a little salty. Seems now like both sides have calmed and recognize there was a substantive part of the dialog that got overshadowed for a short time by temper. Best to shake hands and realize we are all on the same side here.

This happens with my kids about 20 times a day. If it causes any lasting harm, we won’t know for 20 years or so…

EDIT: I had one more point to make but forgot when I posted. I think one reason why some users were so upset with the Now Playing screen was that we felt something we had was taken away, versus something hoped for not in the release. We had large album art that changed with the new track, then we didn’t. I thought that was an odd choice by Roon. I think many hoped that just that one thing could be fixed almost immediately and implemented - i.e. just add that one tab or go back to the code that had that in it. That could also have been the cause of the tone here. Many have tried to demonstrate the greatness of Roon to friends, and then felt let down by those choices

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I, too, would like to say that based on all my experience related to development of social media platforms, apps, email integration, dynamic websites, on and on – bugs do not usually represent a deficiency in the testing process, but rather something inherent with digital products. It is impossible to test all use cases, despite best efforts. Having dealt with them, I know clients ALWAYS feel there should be no glitches on launch. The developers ALWAYS tell them to expect it. It is part of the process. Gradually, clients learn, and tell their bosses. Expect it. Things will get discovered, problems solved and we will do it all over again. I am excited about all Roon is doing, including adding the artist graphic to the Now Playing page. I’ve been curating the library by adding the photos Roon does not yet have in stock. No one makes the community a part of their planning and bug process like Roon. More good things to come, I’m sure.


I worked in the software industry for many years, both as a 1st party creator and as a 2nd party installer.

There’s always a release one wishes one hadn’t released into the wild or that one hadn’t installed.

I suspect V1.6 will, for the Roon lads, live in infamy for quite some time.

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That’s the way I see it too. These „feedback“ threads have made me indifferent. Roon obviously have their roadmap, it is what it is…

Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread
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I agree, so these ‘feedback’ threads are actually worthless.

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Good point, however the pushback, deleted posts and name calling makes me care less.

Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread
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According to the COO Roon had hundreds of beta testers for this release. Seems that none of them had a problem with 1.6, or perhaps their voices went unheard too.

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@Edward12 I do not agree with you. I think the situation is worse. Roon staff only motivations are to make fun of us and deliver terrible software, while they party with their hundreds of Beta testers. That’s the very reason they have created this collaborative forum and fool us. I have been told they are currently working night and day to deliver soon a new version that will be even worse, ignoring all feedback. I have heard they want to limit artist images to 16x16 pixels, and are planning to further streamline the UI with only one big button at the middle “PLAY ROON RADIO”.

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Finally a version we can all live with then…Roon 2.0!

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If everyone is so unhappy, prove it with your boots …

My 2p, software interactions are complex things , if Roon had rushed off to fix the one bug , accepting that it was, the risk of upsetting another area of the code is high

In true agile environments you can get releases every 2-3 weeks, witness JRiver they get through maybe 100 builds a year …

Assuming that what you have fixed is independent of everything else is a risky assumption

I am not even commenting on the way it was handled simply that a quick fix is often not quite so quick. Have you ever taken a short cut to somewhere?

For ref I have been a MS developer in an agile environment and a support manager for manufacturing software in the 2nd largest brewery in the world, software is often a hiding to nothing

Enough said

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If you are so p**ed off why contribute, most comments here are positive

Believe me I have done my share of knocking aspects of Roon, but with experience I believe they are doing what they believe to be right for the majority of their users

If you don’t agree use foobar and suffer :nerd_face:

(Edward) #47

Head spinning.

Forward just depends on your perspective, from where I’m standing it looks backward.

(Mike O'Neill) #48

Ditto my post

(Edward) #49


Nah just use MoOde Audio, especially if you have a Spotify account. Great sounding, lots of customization options, good management of the library, tons of Internet radio stations ‘stock’ and best of all…its Free!

Adaptive UI version 4
Album cover panel with Hi-res thumbs
Random Album selector in Library
Artist Zoom in Library
CoverView UI with HUD controls
Advanced search in Browse panel
Auto-shuffle for random play
Custom Radio Station feature
Bluetooth with Pi-to-Pi streaming
Airplay, Spotify, Squeezelite and UPnP
Tidal, Qobuz and Google Play via UPnP
Parametric and Graphic EQ
SoX high-quality resampling
Crossfeed for Headphones
Pi 7" Touchscreen and local display
WiFi Access Point (AP) Mode
Samba scan for easy NAS connect
Network scan for easy WiFi connections
Connect to other moOde players
In-Place Software updates

(Ged) #50

Well good for you why not just use that then?

(Edward) #51

I do, I use both and occasionally others too.

Support at MoOde is great BTW, Tim and his team do a great job at fixing problems and listening to users. Very responsive, timely updates with well thought out features.
There is the difference you get from a group of people who do this out of love of the project and sound vs love of money and profit.

BTW, which personality am I talking too?

(Mike O'Neill) #52

Then why are you bothering to pay $120 a year go with the freebie

With free software you get what you pay for

(Edward) #53

Who said I pay $120/yr?

I’m an “Owner” not a “Renter”.

I complain because I have a right too, because I actually paid for this product.

I donate to the free product and they deserve every penny plus some.

BTW, I saw that Danny looked at my account when I complained about 1.6, betting he was about to issue me a refund and tell me to go away, but it was past the 30 days…LOL!

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Does that mean you have life membership

(Edward) #55

Ahhhhh, smart!

I see you can add things up pretty quickly.

Yes that means I have a lifetime membership ie I paid $500