Roon’s handling of 1.6 Feedback


You can only mute notifications from specific users on watched threads, correct? I have not found a way to filter out posts by specific users.


Yeah, I just now actually tried it, never really felt the need for it before.

It looks like you’re right. Too bad as there are some new people I’ve already had my fill of.

@Swisstrips, apologies for the misleading info.


Oh no worries :wink: This forum software/platform is different than most.

(David ONeill) #108

I am quite happy with the teams priorities and progress

(Allan) #109

I am also quite happy with the latest release. And I said just that in posts in the thread on “Roon 1.6 Feedback” since the latest release came out. This will be my final comment in this thread.

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