Roon Search Overhauled [2021-12]

For nearly a year when I initially do a search I get the “cannot connect to Roon” message. If I touch the space bar (adding a space to the search bar), the search works.

That’s a good question it certainly defies any logic,

I don’t understand why search doesn’t return some of these albums.

Going to the artist page I can see this album exists in both Qobuz and Tidal.

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Roon (using Qobuz) Vs Qobuz

The Qobuz reference option (OJC) is not even included in the Roon results.

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You’re only showing the immediate search result if you click on show more under albums does it not show up?Roon will only show the most popular ones you have to go into the section to show more of them. Hard to tel if you did that from those results as you haven’t posted the full albums from the search where qobuz search is.

The ‘More’ is for Tracks, not Albums.

Okay. If you go to the artist and Discography section how many do you see for this album ?Roon will not show any releases it considers are not proper album releases. Some jazz stuff is in the rights free arena due to age and often Qobuz has lots of unofficial crappy releases. Roon will filter this out. But not sure if that’s the issue here.

According to Qobuz the best sounding one is the Original Jazz Classics release, which is not included in the Roon search results.

There seems to be a bug here when entering the whole title, thanks for reporting it. Try starts pswingset:

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I’ll need to have a look with the team on this one. Some of the missing albums seem to be appearing among the track results.

Could you please point out to me exactly which album are you expecting that you see on the qobuz? I’m not sure what’s exactly the OJC that you’re referring to.

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The OJC (Original Jazz Classics) release is the first returned result in my Qobuz screenshot, in the top left. It has a little black and white logo on the bottom left of the cover.

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Friday night is available on Qobuz…
Well worth a listen.

Hmm, this is all I get from a Search on ‘Friday Night in San Francisco’ -

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Weird, playing it now…

Sometimes Roon Search is your friend and then it’s not. Search in Roon remains very badly broken, regardless the assurances from the Roon Team that “search has now been fixed!!!”.


While this is absolutely true it came up for me as the first hit, in this instance.

As I said “sometimes Roon search is your friend”. Overall Roon search pretty much worthless since it’s so unpredictable.


Good point.

Go to Al Di Meola the artist and look under discography. It will be there.

The plot thickens.

After seeing that a few people were able to do a successful Search, I tried again and, lo and behold, the album now shows up as 2nd in the Search results, behind the selection I previously referred to.

W.T.F? I suppose one explanation is that I am going mad (one goes mad the same way one goes bankrupt; slowly at first and then suddenly all at once :slightly_smiling_face:), but I think something more Roon is happening.

Does Roon cache its Search results on their servers? If so, then the fact that several people Searched on the album as a result of my post would explain why I can now find it. That explanation might be a stretch and doesn’t explain why I couldn’t at first find it, but I can think of no other Roon Search reason.

Last night, I tried to add the album to my library. That was approximately 8 hours ago. Even tho Roon return a mesage that it was added, Roon seems to be still trying to accomplish that, with the resulting spinning icon.

Dropping that Roon iOS app and bringing it back up results in a blank screen with the message, ‘This album was not found’…