Roon SQ Discussion Thread (Abandon hope all Ye who enter ...)

You’d prob need to borrow the speakers as well. Ongaku is not very happy dealing with inefficient speakers. The AG are 106dB/W.


Sounds fair to me !


I feel that Roon/HQPlayer sound fantastic together. If you can’t get that combo to sound good then I would look to replace your gear. Maybe have a bad combination in electronics.

Are you referring to my post? If so please read carefully. I said already pretty clearly that I find Roon+HQplayer to sound the best.

Sorry, no not referring to your post. I was just stating as a general comment to all. Trying to keep the peace! :slight_smile:

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I’ve also found that with Tidal using JRiver 22 as output device that it does sound better than Tidal along with MQA. It seems that JRiver 22 has the capability to render MQA files. But…for some odd reason it also seems to crash my machine after a few mins of playback. So I’m not sure if this is a ASIO or WASAPI issue with driver.

Whenever I have talked to anyone who uses their Cray super computer to drive the necessary filters to “adjust” their digital sound to make it sound “better” with HQPlayer and asked them why they say “to make it sound more analogue” Is that the consensus of HQPlayer users here as well?

I find HQPlayer upsampling makes redbook sound more relaxed with greater depth and ‘air’. I don’t find HQPlayer upsampling to improve nice higher res recordings.

Hi Miguel

HQPlayer without any processing (none, none, auto, PCM) already sounds already considerably better than roon alone.
What are your preferred filters/dither/sampling rate for PCM and oversampling/modulator/bitrate for DSD with your DAC?

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I think Flanders and Swann understood these issues better than most:


I no longer have the vinyl, merely a lo-fi MP3 rip - but the sentiments remain as true as ever…

Again, that depends on the PC in question. A typical NUC, sure. A purpose built PC, not so much.

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My DAC limits are 192/DSD64. I find that upsampling PCM to PCM sounds more natural than to DSD at least with the DSD filters I’ve tried. I guess the DAC has a highly optimized PCM->DSD filter inside. I use poly-sync-short-mp.

This post by Jussi has some rather nice graphs of the audio band showing a comparison of a DAC output (Musette) playing a 0-22.5 kHZ sweep of 44.1 kHZ resolution signal in NOS mode and the same sweep upsampled to 384 kHz…

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Had not seen this, great. However, it is important to understand that almost all DACs do upsampling internally. Even in then 80’s when you saw CD players with “8x oversampling”, that’s what they were doing. The difference between internal upsampling and, say, HQPlayer is that HQP can use the much higher compute power of a PC/mac and this allows them to implement much more sophisticated upsampling algorithms.

This must be the most bejewelled setup I’ve ever seen described. Nice horns.

I agree that Roon/HQP sound better than straight Roon, but I’ve gone back to just Roon because is works 100% of the time. I’m tired of loud pop noise when playing native DSD songs, tired of every so often playback just stops (usually when the bite rate has changed) and I have to relaunch HQP (having a headless iMac makes this a pain), even though 80-90% of the time it works, it’s at other % that I’m really tired of… I look forward to DSP implementation directly in Roon.

Bejewelled? :slight_smile:



Eek, that’s allot of highly reflective glass. But the kit sure looks great!

Check the pics with the curtains down. At the press of a button… :smile:

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